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Facing danger, head on


When I was still a school secretary, my assistant, also named Betsy, and the athletic director, Tim, had lots of fun together. Perhaps too much fun. One day Tim found a squirt bottle. Read the rest of this entry

Love is color blind


When my son was in first grade, he fell deeply in love with his African American teacher. One day, he worked up the courage to ask her, “Will you marry me?”

She responded, “No.”

He then asked, “Is it because of your color?” Read the rest of this entry

How do teachers grade papers with a straight face?


My parents uncovered a test I took in, I think, 3rd grade. Here are my stellar answers to the two essay questions:

16. Name two animals that are endangered. Explain how they became endangered. Tell what you would do to keep them safe. Read the rest of this entry

Gold star for honesty!


We are reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit for school. After reading it the first time, we are discussing how Mrs. Rabbit has four bunnies and we have four kids in our family. I ask the kids if we have a “naughty” Peter Rabbit in our family. My oldest daughter jumps up with her hand in the air… Read the rest of this entry

As Heard in a Kindergarten Classroom, Part 3


During a sharing of the story of George Washington and the apple tree, I paused and asked my students, when we came to the word ‘hatchet’: “Does anyone know what a hatchet is?” One of my girls, ever eager to share, raised her hand, Read the rest of this entry

Public education has gotten worse than we thought!


My second-grade daughter came home from school one day saying, “I saw the nudity today!”

We said, “…What?!”

“I saw the nudity.”

New tactic: “Say it again, slooowly.” Read the rest of this entry

Making a Good First Impression


As part of the application process to enter our son into kindergarten at a highly recommended Catholic school two towns over, our family was to meet the headmaster priest for an interview. We came during a busy time of the school year, apparently, because the parking lot was completely full. My husband decided to drop our 5-year-old son and me off near the door while he found a parking spot across the street. We were running a bit late, so my son and I at least getting to the priest on time seemed like a good idea.

We had already been talking with the priest for a few minutes when my husband arrived. I thought things had been going well for us, and that my son was a shoe in for kindergarten entrance. We were a family who had it all together, after all. Until I noticed that my husband was empty handed. Read the rest of this entry