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The story about The Rug


This story has nothing to do with children. It ought to help me deserve that Versatile Blog Award. It will also serve the purpose of telling a little bit about myself; although, not necessarily a part I’m proud of. Nevertheless, my sister called this story “beautiful,” so I hope you enjoy it too.

My brother-in-law’s family moved to our town from out of state nearly two years ago. They bought this big beautiful house only a couple of miles away. Once they were settled in, we were pleased to get the tour. There was much to be impressed by, but to me the best part was to be found in a more remote room of the house.

In this room, I became transfixed by The Rug. It was a vision in 5×7. The walls and ceiling melted away. The voices of my family faded out. A brilliant white light shone around the rectangle on the floor. Read the rest of this entry