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I didn’t spill o.j. in Japan.


“Oops!” my nine-year-old said as she opened the orange juice.

“Did you spill it everywhere?” I asked.

“Not everywhere,” she said. “I didn’t spill it in Japan.”

Can’t argue with that logic.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. (I’m just going to pretend you’ve noticed and have been concerned.) Now I seriously want that delicious looking glass of o.j. With a little something extra in it. Triple sec? Amaretto?

What’s your drink of choice?

It does have many skills, but that’s not one of them

English: A glass of Orange juice. Esperanto: O...

What did you expect me to post a picture of?

When my grandson was around three-years-old, he found urinating painful after having drunk orange juice. One morning he said to me, “Grandma my penis is burning again.” I told him to drink water in order to wash the orange juice out. He sat there for a while, then looked at me with a concerned, serious face and said,  “But Grandma, Read the rest of this entry