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One of your headlights is out.


I was at a Bible study with my church group, which is normally all women. This one particular day, someone’s husband decided to come along and was seated across from me. I had my newborn baby with me, and when she got fussy, I excused myself to nurse her. When I returned to my seat, I noticed the man staring at my chest with a somewhat confused and bewildered expression. I was rather put off by this, but when I looked down, I understood. Read the rest of this entry

No use crying over spilled milk.


I was at the grocery store picking up a few things when I felt my milk coming, in fact, I was engorged.  I didn’t realize until I got up to pay for the items, that I had leaked. I had two large wet circles Read the rest of this entry

Talk about a major let-down.


About two weeks after giving birth to my son, I went shopping to buy some nursing bras.  I had heard years before that when a nursing mother hears a baby cry, even one that isn’t hers, she will express milk.  Sure enough, I was in a changing room, leaning over to put on a bra when I heard a baby cry and Read the rest of this entry