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No wild animals allowed!


Fighting giraffes in Ithala Game Reserve, nort...

You know those long thin pillows you use under a door to keep the drafts out? My four-year-old was confused, and wanted to know why we didn’t WANT the Read the rest of this entry

How to make your mark at a new school

Combination playground equipment (plastic)

playground equipment–untattooed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

When we moved, I enrolled my children at a private school known for its rigorous academics and discipline. I was eager for them to make a good impression, but when my mother called after their first week to inquire how my children were doing, I said, “Oh, you mean the cheat, the forger, and the vandal?”

I got a call from the principal or a teacher nearly every day that week. First was Read the rest of this entry

The birds and the bees

Bird - Junco

Bird – Junco (Photo credit: blmiers2)

My husband and I decided that when our children were 11-years-old, we would tell them about sex. This way, we figured, they would hear it from us before finding out from friends or the rest of the world. We wanted them to understand that sex was a beautiful thing, and didn’t want them to think it was something bad, dirty, or shameful.When our oldest turn 11, my husband took him to lunch at McDonald’s for The Talk. When they got home again, I asked my son how it went. Did he understand? Did he have any questions? He looked at me wide-eyed, then pointed at my pregnant stomach. Read the rest of this entry

As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, part 7


English: Ruellia brittoniana (habit with pink ...

“Let’s all draw some things that remind us of home,” one student proposed one day. “I’m going to draw a pink flamingo.”

Teaching a lesson, prior to being hired for the kindergarten position, I was passing out chalk to the students for a lesson activity, and after setting it on the desk of one of the boys, he looked up at me and said emphatically, “I love you.”

“I miss my mommy,” one student told me one day. Being more than 1000 miles away from my own mommy, I whispered back to her, “I miss my mommy, too.” She smiled a sweet smile back and nodded in acknowledgment of my comment. Then she said, “But you Read the rest of this entry

A future writer, no doubt.


English: Picture of an open book, that does no...

I asked my children if they were hungry, and my four-year-old daughter replied, “‘I am,’ said the girl with the purple glasses.” Then the next day she said to me, Read the rest of this entry

The bathroom is now off-limits!

we can finally hang towels

I hope those towels have been washed!

My two-year-old was quiet in the bathroom for far too long. When I went in to investigate, the first thing I saw was Read the rest of this entry

Did I just say that to my child?


A concept rendering of Rapunzel, demonstrating...

After she received a Rapunzel wig as a gift, I found myself saying to my daughter, “Avery, you have to put away your hair now.” –Heather, mother of 2

My three-year-old son has an unusually long tongue. When we were driving home from church one day, I looked in the rear view mirror then said, “Carter! Get your tongue out of your Read the rest of this entry

Hide the scissors!

A 15 year old Golden Retriever dog, unusually ...

You don’t want to see the other side of me.

When my two youngest were two and three-years-old, I walked in from doing something in the other room for only five minutes! I opened the trash can to throw something in and saw lots and lots and lots of Read the rest of this entry

How’s that go again?

English: Front view of Angelo acquasantiera at...

English: Front view of Angelo acquasantiera at Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rome. Holy water font. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My two-year-old after Mass was blessing himself with holy water saying “Father, Son, Read the rest of this entry