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As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, part 7


English: Ruellia brittoniana (habit with pink ...

“Let’s all draw some things that remind us of home,” one student proposed one day. “I’m going to draw a pink flamingo.”

Teaching a lesson, prior to being hired for the kindergarten position, I was passing out chalk to the students for a lesson activity, and after setting it on the desk of one of the boys, he looked up at me and said emphatically, “I love you.”

“I miss my mommy,” one student told me one day. Being more than 1000 miles away from my own mommy, I whispered back to her, “I miss my mommy, too.” She smiled a sweet smile back and nodded in acknowledgment of my comment. Then she said, “But you Read the rest of this entry

A future writer, no doubt.


English: Picture of an open book, that does no...

I asked my children if they were hungry, and my four-year-old daughter replied, “‘I am,’ said the girl with the purple glasses.” Then the next day she said to me, Read the rest of this entry

And then there’s my second daughter

A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers.

A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently shared a cute story about my oldest here (and probably in multiple other posts on this blog), but last night my second child, the five-year-old, did a couple of things worth sharing. The first is cute. The second is, well, see for yourself.

After tucking L. into her bed last night, I bid my final farewell from the doorway. “Good night, Sweet Pea,” I said.

“Mom, what’s your favorite kind of fruit,” she suddenly asked me.

“Uuum… Probably strawberries,” I responded, somewhat puzzled. Read the rest of this entry

Black Friday Bliss


Right now you’re thinking, “You’re kidding me, right? How can shopping on the craziest consumer holiday of the year be blissful?” Did I find fantastic unbelievable deals? Not really. Where the stores and parking lots miraculously near-empty just for me? Hardly. Did my husband and I get to buy Christmas presents for our children without them being in tow? Bingo!

Christmas shopping at Hansa shopping center in...

We dropped the kids off at their aunt and uncle’s house for three glorious hours as we bought princesses, a princess bike, a princess helmet, princesses, art supplies, princesses, a couple of games, and, oh yes, a princess book. (Did I mention we have three young girls?)

So, with everything safely hidden in the trunk of our car, we collected our children after their fun-filled time with their cousins. All was well. We had pulled off our Christmas coup until later in the day my perceptive seven-year-old asked, “Did you go Christmas shopping for us?”

I tried to deflect slyly by saying, “Maybe.”

She looked at me for a moment and said, Read the rest of this entry

Gun control decisions should not be left to the young

Carl's Jr.

Carl’s Jr. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My husband, a middle school history teacher, asked his seventh grade class this question on a test: Should people be allowed to carry guns, and why? One enlightened student responded like so: Read the rest of this entry

If only it were that easy kid, believe me


My five-year-old, L, was yelling at the two-year-old, E, to move out of the way of the tv. She couldn’t see the last moments of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Snow White

If that guy’s your prince, I would have kept waiting, honey. Is that a shirt or an apron?

I employed the appropriate motherly tool of yelling from the kitchen, “E, down in front!” Somehow, that didn’t work, as L was continuing her verbal tirade against the door who would make a better window. Finally, I walked into the living room, only to see the words, “The End” on the screen.

“Relax, L. The movie’s over,” I said and walked out again. Yep, parenting at its finest, folks.

L, on the other hand, came up with a brilliant solution for avoiding future such egregious situations involving her little sister.  Read the rest of this entry

My guess is they’re made from jalepenos and ex-husbands


Goldfish (Photo credit: mattwitmer)

To motivate my kindergarteners toward finishing a task, I showed them the “flavor blasted” goldfish snacks I brought for them as a prize. Clearly misinterpreting the contents of the special treat, one student raised his hand and asked, Read the rest of this entry

Children give the best birthday presents

Cats, Kitten

Cats, Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As promised a week ago, my five-year-old did indeed put on her kitten underwear today in honor of my birthday. “Mom, I’m wearing my kitty-cat underwear! Do you want to see?” Of course my answer was yes, and she proudly revealed her bottom. My seven-year-old, feeling a bit sheepish for having heartlessly chosen underwear with little forethought to my special day said, Read the rest of this entry

Three is the new 80


One day, about a month after my daughter turned three, she started crying inexplicably.  Concerned, I asked her why she was crying.  She replied, through her tears, Read the rest of this entry