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Fabulous quotes from my friends’ children

- Tursiops truncatus A dolphin surfs the wake ...

Come on! I know you’re hungry! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

While watching a nature video, my two-year-old daughter began offering a goldfish cracker to a hunting dolphin and was very annoyed at getting no response.

“Num num! NUM NUM!!!”

Still nothing.

~Sara, mother of 3


Me: Why are you mad at him?
Six-year-old boy: Because he hit me in the BACK!
Three-year-old boy: No! I did NOT hit him in the back!!
Me: Then why did he say you did?
Three-year-old: (very calmly and reasonably) Read the rest of this entry

Don’t take a drink just before reading this


My four and five-year-old sons were playing outside when one of them came up to us crying and saying his brother had hit him. Not wanting to react until I got the whole story, I called the other boy over and asked why he had hit his brother. He responded that his brother had changed the channel on their Read the rest of this entry