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Reasons I love my girls


As many of you know, I have three daughters. They’re pretty cool most of the time. Yesterday at a party, when my middle daughter was handed an ice cream sandwich, she first passed it along to her younger sister, and then waited to receive one for herself. That’s one example. Here are a few more: Read the rest of this entry

Sharing the joy of potty training

A bunch of Jelly Belly jelly beans resting com...

I’d poop in the potty for these!

Before getting married and having children of my own, I lived in the garage of my brother and his family. When their third child was potty training there was a big celebration every time the boy used the potty. In addition to cheers and clapping, there were jelly beans! The good kind–Jelly Bellies that came in a huge tub from Costco. Not only did the boy doing the job get a bean, but his older sisters did, too. I suppose that was a good motivation for them to encourage their little brother to keep up the good work.

But the best part was, even though I wasn’t even in the house Read the rest of this entry