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“I always rely on the kindness of strangers.”


This post has been a long time in coming. I’ve had so many thoughts in my brain that have ended with, “I should totally blog about that.” I’m sure many of you have felt the same. Where would we be without our blogging outlet, am I right? Remember life without cell phones? Total insanity of the Dark Ages.

Anyway, on to the kindness!

English: Pregnant woman at a WIC clinic in Vir...

Note: This is not a picture of me. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

People are totally nice to pregnant women, as well they should be. Once when I was preggers, I was at the grocery store attempting to unload my cart onto the conveyor belt while also holding a fussy child. Another mom spotted me and immediately came over to quickly unload the cart for me, saying, “I remember being in this stage of life. Please let me help you.” She wasn’t even pausing to get an “okay” from me. She sort of seemed like she was in a hurry, but wouldn’t have taken no for an answer, even if I had (stupidly) told her not to bother. She quickly got the job done, wished me the best of luck and was gone practically before I could offer my thanks. Super cool lady.

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Something fishy is going on here

Fish for sale at the Albertcoup Market, Amsterdam

“I’m not dead yet!” (A little Monty Python reference for you.)

I was in the supermarket doing some food shopping. I turned my back for a second while I picked up a cooked chicken. When I turned around my four-year-old was stroking a fresh fish on the counter.

“Why were you stroking the fish?” I asked her.

She replied, “I wanted to see if it was real.”

“Was it real?” I asked.

“No,” she answered.

“I think it was,” I said.

“No, it wasn’t because I Read the rest of this entry