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Better leave the fashion to the females.


One Sunday my husband was in charge of getting our sons ready for Mass and then meeting me at the church. When he arrived with the boys, it was quickly apparent that my husband is not as in tune with our children’s wardrobes as I am. Read the rest of this entry

Parents say the darndest things


The other morning our son climbed in bed with us and asked my husband, “How come your armpits are so furry?”  My husband replied, “I ate a monster! When you get older you will eat a monster and get furry, too.” Then my son said, Read the rest of this entry

Smells are certainly easy to remember


The kids were discussing a party they went to nearly a year ago.  My teenage daughter was arguing that a certain family was not there, and the other kids were certain they were there.  My second youngest piped in and said, Read the rest of this entry

Public education has gotten worse than we thought!


My second-grade daughter came home from school one day saying, “I saw the nudity today!”

We said, “…What?!”

“I saw the nudity.”

New tactic: “Say it again, slooowly.” Read the rest of this entry

Breaking the silence…among other things


When my son was four-months-old, we went to a friend’s baptism and sat in one of the front pews. During the ceremony, the deacon asked for a moment of silence for a young man who’d recently been killed. The church then became dead silent in extreme sadness and prayer. The “moment” of silence ended up Read the rest of this entry