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Please, stop helping me!

English: Made from Bamboo Rattan Vietnam

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I was nearly finished folding laundry on the bed when my two-year-old ran past the doorway. “Please just keep going,” I thought to myself. But, no, she stopped in the hallway, having spotted me, and came back. I could have closed the door, but that would only have piqued her interest. I then worked feverishly to finish folding the last items and get them to the safety of the laundry basket before my daughter got her hands on them, but to no avail.

“Stop helping me!” I said. “No, it’s okay. I got this!” But the feisty little Read the rest of this entry

This one wins the “Arg!” award


I had just finished two loads of the kids’ laundry and put it all neatly away, as well as organizing the soon-to-be-born’s clothes in the drawers. I hate laundry, and it was a huge accomplishment for me to have it all done and organized. Not five minutes after leaving their tidy dresser behind to work on lunch, Read the rest of this entry