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Fun with homeschooling


I was reading off spelling words to my daughter and asked, “What was the last word I gave you?”

She said, “You gave me grief.”

True story.

Here’s an oldy, but a goody.

With another week of phonics looming, I grabbed the pile of my daughter’s first grade sight words. Here is the pile: On the left is what we’ve done so far. On the right is what we have left to do.

z 006

As I picked up the smaller stack to look for next week’s words, these were the three words on top of the pile: Read the rest of this entry

Love is color blind


When my son was in first grade, he fell deeply in love with his African American teacher. One day, he worked up the courage to ask her, “Will you marry me?”

She responded, “No.”

He then asked, “Is it because of your color?” Read the rest of this entry