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You look gorgeous, daaaarling!


One day a box arrived from my mother-in-law. The whole family gathered around to witness it being opened. Once all the tape had finally been yanked off and the flaps were opened, we discovered… Read the rest of this entry

Oh, Child Protective Services!

When my daughter was about four-years-old, we were out at a restaurant eating dinner.  She kept misbehaving, and I told her that if she continued with her bad behavior she would receive a spanking.  She looked right at me and misbehaved again, so I picked her up to carry her to the restroom and give her a stern talking to and (maybe) a spanking.  As we are walking through the restaurant, Read the rest of this entry

Teach them while they’re young


We had a delightful lunch today in Little Italy. As our Italian waiter was clearing our plates, I looked over at my 3-1/2 year old, who was smiling widely and winking at him. He was taken aback and chuckled to himself before uttering an embarrassed Read the rest of this entry