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Trust me. I know what I’m doing.


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My sister-in-law was in the hospital after having delivered her first baby. Her husband, a macho, manly type, was going to change the baby’s diaper. He’d never done this before, so she, from her bed, was giving some instructions.

 “Move quickly. Make sure you have something to cover him up so he doesn’t pee on you. Have the clean diaper all ready to go.”

Not wanting to hear it, he told her that he could handle changing a diaper, and it was just a baby, and “I know what I’m doing, okay?”

So there he was, changing this tiny diaper on this tiny baby in the little plastic bin they keep babies in at the hospital. While he’s trying to figure out the diaper, that baby Read the rest of this entry

Diaper changing discoveries


I have three girls and just recently gave birth to a boy. While changing his diaper for the first time in front of the girls, one said, “Um…what is THAT?” Another replied, “THAT’S his bladder!” Maria, mother of 5

On the flip side of that, my boys were watching while I was changing my niece. One shouted, “Hey guys, look! She has two butts!” Jody, mother of 4

You may want to let this room air out a bit.


I went to church for daily Mass when my baby was only a few days old. To be sure not to disturb anyone, we sat alone in the cry room. All was going well until I went up for Communion. Suddenly my son began to poop … all over. I could tell it was a lot by the vibration on my arm as the impact hit the diaper. I kept walking up the main aisle nonetheless … until I felt it dripping on my arm … and then onto my leg. Read the rest of this entry