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She was clearly never a Boy Scout


I don’t even like carrying a purse, so a diaper bag was pretty much out of the question when I went to visit the parents of an old boyfriend with my newborn son. Naturally he decided to have a megapoop–out the sides of the diaper, all over himself, and me. I had nothing with me, Read the rest of this entry


You may want to let this room air out a bit.


I went to church for daily Mass when my baby was only a few days old. To be sure not to disturb anyone, we sat alone in the cry room. All was going well until I went up for Communion. Suddenly my son began to poop … all over. I could tell it was a lot by the vibration on my arm as the impact hit the diaper. I kept walking up the main aisle nonetheless … until I felt it dripping on my arm … and then onto my leg. Read the rest of this entry

Breaking the silence…among other things


When my son was four-months-old, we went to a friend’s baptism and sat in one of the front pews. During the ceremony, the deacon asked for a moment of silence for a young man who’d recently been killed. The church then became dead silent in extreme sadness and prayer. The “moment” of silence ended up Read the rest of this entry