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Caption this


Here are my ideas. Vote or add your own:

  1. Spice Boy
  2. Baby Spice
  3. Spice Spice Baby


Buried by animals


Joseph’s sisters were having fun with him and their stuffed animals.


He doesn’t seem to mind.


Getting a little higher…

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God’s supermarket


After spending the best weekend with family and friends, I tucked my four-year-old daughter in and said, “Mommy has been so blessed. I thank God everyday for giving me you and putting your two brothers in my life.”
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Accessorize, baby!


My three-year-old found a hat and put it on the one-year-old, then she helped her little sister toddle out to living room to display her to the rest of us: my husband, myself and, and our five-year-old. We all thought the baby looked very cute. But our oldest daughter gave the greatest praise Read the rest of this entry