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It all started with Bill Peet


Note: This post has been updated!

Little did young Betsy and young Mike Allegra know that, thanks to a shared fondness of Bill Peet, especially his book, Capyboppy, they would decades later bond over capybaras.

Nor, probably, did little Mike know that he would one day write a book of his own about capybaras! Or that Betsy would revel in this exciting news and write a blog post promoting Mike’s book! (If you had told them, they’d probably both say: “What’s a blog post?”)


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Everyone needs a little capybara in his or her life


But first, I saw this picture on facebook and had to share it with my blog friends.


How do you writers feel about it, particularly in light of a new book showing up on Amazon every five seconds, or so I hear. How would poor Cicero have handled that?

As to kids not obeying their parents, I’d love to see what that looked like in his day. I doubt very much that he’d like to see what it looks like in our day.

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