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Gold star for honesty!


We are reading The Tale of Peter Rabbit for school. After reading it the first time, we are discussing how Mrs. Rabbit has four bunnies and we have four kids in our family. I ask the kids if we have a “naughty” Peter Rabbit in our family. My oldest daughter jumps up with her hand in the air… Read the rest of this entry

Numbers are relative


My three-year-old isn’t real keen on the concept of numbers, or even how to pronounce them properly. While reading the book “Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs,” we got to a page with roughly 200 eggs on it. I asked my daughter how many eggs there were. She said, “A me-yon.” (million)

The next page had around 20 eggs on it, if memory serves. I asked her how many eggs were now on this particular page. She replied, “A little bit me-yon.” Paul, father of 3