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I’m being overwhelmed with awards! But in a good way.


This has been a busy week of awards flying around the blogosphere. I’m glad I waited to do anything about it, because now I can take care of them in one fell swoop. First things first, my thanks to Oster’s Mom for the Tell Me About Yourself Award and memyselfandkids for the Sunshine Award and the One Lovely Blog Award.

Normally I make a point to casually slide around the requirement of sharing information about myself and just move on to the dispensing of nominations for other blogs, but, given the title of that first award, I feel I must comply with the requirement. Okay. Eat your heart out, people. Here are my seven “interesting” facts:

1. One of my favorite things ever is trying to get a joke out but laughing so hard before I get to the punch line I can’t breathe, and my friends are crying with laughter themselves even though they don’t get the joke. Ah, good times.

2. Although I’m ashamed to admit it, I laugh hardest at humor that involves Read the rest of this entry

Reader Appreciation–And I truly appreciate MY readers


Coffeepoweredmom, who is super funny and often refreshingly light (when she’s added cream and sugar), nominated me for this award.

Thank you. It’s rather pretty, and I’m glad you appreciate reading my blog. I have all the crazy children featured herein to thank for that.

Now for the sharing of the love:

I’d like to thank all the people who read my blog.  About three times a week someone discovers my blog, apparently for the first time, and reads about 50 posts in a row. I think that’s cool. I also think those people ought to save themselves some time and trouble and just hit the “follow” button already. And, to the person or people who DAILY find my blog by using the search terms “boys peeing,” please stop. Read the rest of this entry