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The winner of The Great American Bake Off is… Part 3


(If you missed them, here are parts one and two.)

When you were last with our heroine, I’d just discovered that I had refrozen my pumpkin puree for the pie I was supposed to take to Thanksgiving lunch that day. I had no choice but to grab another bag from the freezer and toss it in a bowl of warm water to hopefully thaw in time.

Recall that I had proudly announced to my husband that there would be no last-minute dash to the grocery store, as I had remembered, for the first time ever, that I needed evaporated milk for this recipe and so had bought it in advance.

While waiting on the puree, I started to make the pumpkin pie crust, by hand this time, when I stopped to put Joe down for a nap. I asked my husband to step in. When I came back, my husband was gone. On the counter was our near-empty tub of Crisco. Read the rest of this entry

Well, if SHE can do it….


Mum's lemon meringue pie from above.

We were having a dinner party, and for dessert I had planned to make lemon meringue pie. Knowing this in advance, my seven-year-old daughter was very disappointed when I announced that I would make lemon bars instead. When she complained, I explained that lemon meringue pie is difficult and it’s been many many years since I’ve made one. Lemon bars would be much quicker and simpler.

She replied, “But, Read the rest of this entry