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Giving new parents advice


A woman with a newborn is a magnet to older women. They chase new mothers like zombies in a bad horror movie, arms extended, wanting to hold your baby, or more terrifying yet, reswaddle him or her “the proper way.”

One day at Walmart, before I had any children of my own, I was in line behind a mother and her young son, who was playing voraciously with a red circular plastic toy block, which had a little hole through the center. The kid was having a grand time sticking it in his mouth and gumming the heck out of it. It seemed like it could provide hours of entertainment. I inwardly commended his mother for finding such a simple toy to keep him so well occupied on a shopping trip. The old woman in the check-out line next to us, however, said, with great gravity and concern, “He’s putting that whole thing in his mouth.” The boy’s mother simply smiled at the woman, saying and doing nothing else. I was too busy admiring the mom and thinking, “Good for you!” to see the old woman’s reaction to such a flippant response. She was probably shaking her head and muttering to herself, “In my day….” Read the rest of this entry