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And then there’s my second daughter

A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers.

A macro photo of a cluster of sweet pea flowers. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I recently shared a cute story about my oldest here (and probably in multiple other posts on this blog), but last night my second child, the five-year-old, did a couple of things worth sharing. The first is cute. The second is, well, see for yourself.

After tucking L. into her bed last night, I bid my final farewell from the doorway. “Good night, Sweet Pea,” I said.

“Mom, what’s your favorite kind of fruit,” she suddenly asked me.

“Uuum… Probably strawberries,” I responded, somewhat puzzled. Read the rest of this entry

A Father’s Day Tribute


Father's Day Cake 2009

I’m reblogging this from my virtual friend, Defining Motherhood. She conducted this survey with her children, and it is just too cute!

Why do we celebrate Father’s Day?

Son (5½):  Cause it’s like having an extra birthday for grown ups.

Daughter (3): Because I like it!


What kind of present do you think Daddy wants for Father’s Day?

Son: A book.  Like, some sort of Encyclopedia Britannica kind of book.

Daughter: Some paper.


What are some of the things Daddy does for our family?

Son: He plays with us.  Also, he fixes stuff and vacuums the floor sometimes.

Daughter: He reads books and tells us lizard stories.  He gives us back rubs.


Me:  How is your dad different from other dads?

Son: He lives in our house.

Daughter: His talking. Read the rest of this entry

A little Advent humor


Our 3-year-old recently acquired “days of the week” panties, which are helping her learn the names of days. When we returned from Mass on the third week of Advent, she went to change her underwear and asked excitedly, Read the rest of this entry

Children of all ages deserve praise.


Years ago, I was at the laundromat with my newly potty trained grandson. At one point he informed me that he needed to go to the bathroom. I took him, helped with his clothes, etc. and then decided I needed to go, too.

When I was finished, he put his hand on my shoulder and said, Read the rest of this entry

Great lines from young minds.


“I love you, Mommy. I take good care of you.” Lucy, 4

“You know what today is mom? TGIF, Ta Ta For Now!” Charlie, 5

Dad: “Do you think you would like to play an instrument some day?” Gemma, 6: “Yeah.” “How about a cello?” Gemma, laughing, “Noooo, that’s silly! You can’t play a jello!” Read the rest of this entry

Accessorize, baby!


My three-year-old found a hat and put it on the one-year-old, then she helped her little sister toddle out to living room to display her to the rest of us: my husband, myself and, and our five-year-old. We all thought the baby looked very cute. But our oldest daughter gave the greatest praise Read the rest of this entry

As heard in a Kindergarten classroom, Part 2


More stories from Cecilia:

1. While passing a bird’s nest around for my students to touch and explore, one of my students raises her hand: “Shouldn’t we all wash our hands after we touch this?” I assured her that was the plan, and one student raises her hand, “How come we need to wash our hands after touching birds’ nests? Are there little toilets in birds’ nests?” Another student shakes his head and rolls his eyes, “No way. Birds poop on cars!” Read the rest of this entry

Numbers are relative


My three-year-old isn’t real keen on the concept of numbers, or even how to pronounce them properly. While reading the book “Minerva Louise and the Colorful Eggs,” we got to a page with roughly 200 eggs on it. I asked my daughter how many eggs there were. She said, “A me-yon.” (million)

The next page had around 20 eggs on it, if memory serves. I asked her how many eggs were now on this particular page. She replied, “A little bit me-yon.” Paul, father of 3

Another classic line from my middle child.


At clean up time, my girls were being rather poky. I pointed out that if they didn’t pick up the pace, there wouldn’t be time for books before bed. My 6-year-old said, “I will work faster.” Then my 3-year-old chimed in with, “And I will work slower!”