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Is this how you greet all your relatives?

Mother and Child

(Photo credit: gem66)

When my daughter was about four or five, visiting her grandmother, my mom was telling her about her family. My daughter was asking questions about my mother’s mom and dad.  My mom told her that her mother was still alive, but her father, whom my daughter had never met, had died.   A few minutes later MY father walked into the room and my daughter yelled, Read the rest of this entry

The royals have it rough


“Why aren’t you playing with your new Prince Philip doll?” I asked my seven-year-old.

“Because he’s grumpy,” she responded.

“Why is he grumpy?” Read the rest of this entry

Ain’t that the truth?

Cruising the pond... 10 ducklings w/Mom Duck

This mom has it easy.

Tonight my three-year-old son said to me, “Momma, you’re nice. Thank you for wiping my butt. Yeah, because I can’t reach my butt, and you help me. You’re so Read the rest of this entry

Children give the best birthday presents

Cats, Kitten

Cats, Kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As promised a week ago, my five-year-old did indeed put on her kitten underwear today in honor of my birthday. “Mom, I’m wearing my kitty-cat underwear! Do you want to see?” Of course my answer was yes, and she proudly revealed her bottom. My seven-year-old, feeling a bit sheepish for having heartlessly chosen underwear with little forethought to my special day said, Read the rest of this entry

Always the helpful one

Baby dinosaur 163

Baby dinosaur 163 (Photo credit: tomylees)

My son loved dinosaur eggs. He had pictures of them in his room, and knew everything there was to know about them. The only problem was, he thought this information applied to all animals.

He was talking on the phone with my mother-in-law, explaining, matter of factly, “Mom has a big egg in her tummy right now. Dad gave her a seed to Read the rest of this entry

I was saving it for later

Joyful child eating

Joyful child eating (Photo credit: ranahki)

Some time after we’d finished lunch and left the table, my two year-old-daughter burped. A moment later I noticed her chewing something. “What are you chewing?” I asked. She paused, then chewed reflectively for a bit longer before answering, Read the rest of this entry

I have no time for you little people

Photograph of a school bus cross-view mirror A...

Photograph of a school bus cross-view mirror As reflected in the school vehicle’s side mirror. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My six-year-old son was out sick from school for five days. His first day back, as he got off the school bus, the driver called to  him, “Hey, Philip, where have you been?” Philip flipped his hand and said, Read the rest of this entry