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Oh, Child Protective Services!

When my daughter was about four-years-old, we were out at a restaurant eating dinner.  She kept misbehaving, and I told her that if she continued with her bad behavior she would receive a spanking.  She looked right at me and misbehaved again, so I picked her up to carry her to the restroom and give her a stern talking to and (maybe) a spanking.  As we are walking through the restaurant, Read the rest of this entry

Hide the candy!


We’ve always had a candy drawer in our kitchen. The amount of sweet stuff in there ebbs and flows throughout the year. Other than the requisite Easter basket stuffers, the excess of which lasts about 9 months, we rarely buy candy ourselves. The bulk of it just appears on my husband’s desk at school around holidays and at the end of the year. Some of it is homemade, some of it not, but it’s almost always nicely wrapped. I suspect that from some of his students this gesture is not so much a gift as a peace offering. Nevertheless, the candy arrives home, is sampled, and then eventually makes its way to the candy drawer to spend the rest of its days in quiet, dark retirement. Read the rest of this entry