Meeting two blog buddies in two days.

Meeting two blog buddies in two days.

I’ve been Blog-AWOL (BAWOL?) for several weeks. First, I was prepping for a trip, then on a trip, then recovering from the build-up of work post-trip, then I got sick.

I’m nearly recovered from all of that, so let me give you the highlights, primarily, meeting two Blog Buddies!

I’ll start with Bijoux. The funny thing, as she noted too, is that in a recent post I asked people if they have or would meet Blog Buddies in real life. She said she hadn’t, but knowing we were from the same area, if I were to come home for a visit, she would like to meet me. Little did we know at that time…

Left: me. Right: Bijoux

I left a comment on her blog letting her know I was in the area. Any chance she could meet, say… Thursday morning? It worked out perfectly that she could! And not only was she nearby, she lives in the town next door to the one I grew up in!

We met at a cute cafe on the border of our towns. My mom and sister joined us. My sister then proceeded to scandalize her with all manner of stories, and yet Bijoux still hung around. What a great lady! (I was honestly worried for her.) I’m so proud to have been her first Blog Buddy meet-up. It was a great pleasure to meet her!

The other BB lived much farther away and required more forethought and planning.

I finally had an opportunity to meet potentially/probably my longest running Blog Buddy, one whose recent retiring from the blog community made me cry. That is…

The one and only Chatter Master, aka, Colleen Faherty Brown.

She had a gift bag for me with several of her books.

Very much looking forward to diving into these.

And… AND…

I know the pic is too tight for you to tell, but this is a travel coffee mug, on which CM etched with her etching machine(!!) my blog nickname and a taekwondo girl.

I mean… once again, teary-eyed. This was so sweet, thoughtful, and perfect.

Fortunately, I didn’t arrive completely empty handed. But rather than go the generous, thoughtful, time-consuming, over-all-super-nice-person route, I went with humor.

But first you need to know that CM was with me through my dark blogging days of Chex Mix obsession. Since Chatter Master and Chex Mix were both abbreviated to CM, I would frequently comment to her: “You’re the best, CM… And you too, Chatter Master.”

It became a long-running joke, and so:

The dawning on her face as she put it together and then burst into laughter… It was a great moment.

For those of you who are into food…

Rather than waste time staring at the menu, I asked the waitress in this little town somewhere in the middle of Ohio what they were known for. The answer was stromboli–basically a rolled-up pizza. That works! And it was yummy. πŸ™‚

The only downside to this visit was the dude sitting behind me. He bumped my chair with his. No biggie. He even kindly turned to apologize.

“I’m sorry. Did I bump into you?” the maybe late 40’s, slightly rotund fellow said.

“It’s okay, I’m fine,” I replied.

He looked at me intently. “Yes, you are,” he said.

I turned back around. “Thank you,” I muttered.

“Thank YOU,” he responded.

And that was the end, until CM and I left, with him trailing behind. We spotted him, of course, but were unconcerned.

Here’s where I must remind you that CM is a 4th degree black belt in Taekwondo. She’s been my second sensei from afar.

“Where you going, sweetie?” he said as we stepped into the parking lot.

His fingers didn’t quite close around my wrist before I spun around and twisted my hand to grab his wrist. I held it tight as CM delivered a gorgeous round kick to the face. (She’s still got it!)

Though that drove his top half backward, I yanked his arm down, grabbed his opposite shoulder, and drove my knee into his gut. As he doubled over, I swept his leg so he landed with a satisfying crunch onto the coarse gravel.

CM cocked her head toward a nearby dumpster and grabbed his other arm.

Finally overcoming his shock and having had the wind knocked out of him, he started cursing at us, which we paid no heed to as we dragged him along. The back of his shirt came untucked, so I’m sure those nice pokey rocks felt great scraping along his back.

Poor baby.

And we may have bonked his head against the dumpster when we reached it. Oops!

Then it was just a matter of avoiding his flailing legs and flying spit (We did. It was just pathetic, really.) as we hoisted him up and in. CM did most of the heavy lifting. She’s crazy strong.

Then we dropped the dumpster lid on his upturned backside, making him slide in farther until just his legs were sticking out.

At that point he yelled something particularly colorful, so CM kicked the side of the dumpster, no doubt making it echo loudly inside.

“That’s not how you talk to ladies!” she said.

“Owww,” he moaned.

We looked at each other, burst into grins, and hurried to our cars. Our farewell hug was long and sorrowful. But then we laughed outright as the dumpster lid closed completely, the man’s feet having disappeared. I guess he decided he would wait for us to leave before climbing back out.

Okay, so everything after his “Thank YOU” didn’t happen. What really happened was:

“Sorry about that creep,” CM said as we walked out of the restaurant. “But we could’ve taken him.”

“It would’ve ended with him headfirst in a dumpster,” I said.

“That is exactly how it would have ended,” she said.

Since, sadly, it didn’t, I painted you the picture instead.

So tell me, did you buy it? πŸ™‚


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  1. What? There are bloggers in real life? Amazing …

    and you wouldn’t have played a guy like that, more likely would have dropped in in one punch, but keep the scene you can use it in the marshal art murder mystery novel that you’re writing — you still have my outline right?

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  2. I am NOT a fan of my face! πŸ˜‚ I look like I just woke up.


    What a fantastic afternoon that was. I still can’t believe I actually met the real life PIF. I’m so sorry to hear you were sick. 😦

    Your mom was a delight.

    The man was …. well, fodder for our story. Right? Are we going to come clean and tell everyone that it really did happen just like you said?

    I miss you. πŸ™‚

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  3. how lucky and great that you met other bloggers. I’ve had a lot of fun doing the same. love your action adventure girl power ending and I know you two could have pulled it off. )

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  4. Hilarious! I didn’t buy it because there was no mention of what you two did with the Chex Mix and travel mug while you handled him… πŸ™‚ But it was otherwise, great writing!

    I love how fun these meetings were!! Yay!! You are a great blog bluddy, Betsy! πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So glad to wake up to this post on a Monday morning! It was great fun meeting you in person. You’re like my Home Girl blogger!

    I was wondering why I didn’t get the full story of Mr Rotund Chair Dude! Lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hilarious, Betsy, though I’m glad you didn’t end up jailed for assault, even though he would have deserved the dumpster dive if he’d actually harassed you beyond his dumb comment. And how fun to meet up with two bloggers. Hope you’ve recovered and are well rested.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. You always remember your first. Ironically, my first was somebody who disappeared from the face of the earth entirely. I’ll try not to take that personally, as every other blogger meetup since has remained a force in my life to be reckoned with. Or at least a Facebook friend. The real question is, what will you bring me when we meet up? And don’t say “humor.” That’s not going to fly out here!

    I bought that story about as much as everybody bought my AI-generated post.

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  8. Excuse me, the highlight of your trip was meeting 2 blog buddies!?! Uh, not mommy dearest, or sister sweetie or those other smaller people? Although, to be fair, the blog buddies were fab. And I’m a witness to the creep take down; I held your bags. Totally happened that way. I’ll testify to that.

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  9. I never knew what a blogger looked like so thanks for that. Also, they’re decidedly dangerous to mess with so I appreciate the warning. If we ever meet, anything I say to you will be simple yes/no answers, delivered in monotone. As for the takedown of Mr. Incorrigible, it doesn’t matter if the encounter was real or not. The fact you described it in such realistic detail means that’s exactly how it would’ve gone down. Self-defense expenses justified!

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  10. I’ve always been envious of blogger meets, since it’s only a distant dream for me, being in Malaysia and all. Like that Pete-Jim meet-up. I wonder what mementos I’d bring if I were to meet you someday. Not sure they allow goat blood on the plane πŸ˜›

    Liked by 1 person

    • Ah, AB. Very sad we missed you. It would’ve been great if you could’ve joined Bijoux and me. And if, say, Mark could’ve headed down from WI for a full-on blog buddy gathering. Le sigh. Our country, and even the state of Ohio, is just too big. Hopefully another time!!!

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  11. So glad you met a blog buddy in real life! Feel free to stop by if you’re ever in SW Virginia. I love my writing friends! I’ll be attending a poetry workshop this Tuesday even though I’m not a poet because I figure I might make a new friend there!

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