2022 Photo Dump


Throughout the year I’ve stockpiled random photos to eventually use on my blog. Many of them never made it. Today seems as good a day as any to finally post them.

This one’s from April. If you zoom in, you can see the guy on the far right smiling.

Little flowers my son picked for me.
Text exchange with my beloved neighbor.
When we hard boil eggs, we mark them in some way. There used to also be eggs marked “I” and “U,” but they were eaten before I overheard this conversation between two of my daughters. D1: Why do the eggs say this? D2: It’s one of those things Mom and Dad do.
The view from beneath our orange tree.
Can you guess what’s going on here? Think about it for a moment. I’ll tell you at the end. But the best guess wins. πŸ™‚

This next one is a text to Hubby who didn’t know what to get me for Christmas. I’m difficult to shop for because I don’t like Stuff, or even Things, for that matter. I told him as much, but then added:

He delivered:

Were they good? Yes. Were they so good they were worth the $6? Only in the sense that I was happy to FINALLY try these. Aaaaaaaaand now I’m good. πŸ™‚
My wisteria when it finally bloomed for the first time after several years of ownership. Sadly, the petals didn’t last long.
This pretzel reminded me of E.T. I saved this in case I had occasion to write about Enthusiastic Teen from my Jiu-Jitsu class again. The last time I saw him, I was a little rude to throw him off my scent. I hated doing it, but the dude needed to step off. Haven’t seen him since. Is it my fault he hasn’t returned (to my knowledge)? Gosh, I hope not. :/
A corn stalk growing in a parking lot crack. You can imagine how much I loved and rooted (pun!) for this sucker. Sadly, I never got back there to check on it. I hope someone let it grow to completion and that others enjoyed its tenacity as much as I did.
If I needed to move, I’d hire them for their cleverness.

The answer to the pic of me: This is post Jiu-Jitsu hair. As I recall, it was so entangled in my hair tie, I needed Hubby’s help getting it out. Then it stuck out like this! I miss those days. This was probably a Monday, when I went straight from my Taekwondo class to two back-to-back hours of Jiu-Jitsu. Gosh I loved Monday nights.

I have so many more, but this is enough for one post. Which one(s) is/are your favorite?

I’ll end on this one, though I’ve used it before, because it’s both beautiful and apropos.

Farewell, 2022! Wishing all my Blog Buddies a happy, prosperous 2023!


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    • There was a small wisteria tree (takes some work to make it grow that way) in a neighbor’s yard. I’d always look as I passed, but they recently, inexplicably removed it! I still find myself looking in the spot out of habit. How nice for you that you see it more frequently. πŸ™‚


    • Christmas or my birthday are the only occasions where I’d allow my husband to splurge like that. Worth it, and now I won’t be tempted by them again. Snyders pretzels are cheaper and just as good, IMO.

      Happy New Year to you too, Jill!

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  1. I LOVE this idea for an end-of-year post! I love all the photos too–and the captions. At first, I thought that was a picture of you discovering a Chex Mix flavor you didn’t like. I know that it’s difficult to discover a Chex Mix flavor that is not good, but it could happen, I suppose. Happy New Year!

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  2. Next time hubby asks, have him get you the Dark Chocolate Honey Mints from Trader Joe’s (list of ingredients is in its name). Word of warning: they are highly addictive πŸ™‚

    You make a wonderful mariachi fiddler, though I’d expect to see you more as a matador… πŸ˜€

    And I’m glad to hear that your photo is due to a “hair injury” rather than TFI (The Foot Injury…). How’s the foot doing?

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    • Must get to TJ’s! I Raaaaaaarely go there, but I feel you’ve mentioned that chocolate before. Clearly, I need you to keep reminding me so I’ll get off my rump and go find that choco-crack!

      Matador. Ha!

      Hair injury! Double ha! I’ll find out what’s up with the foot when I finally have my appointment with a specialist on Jan 19.

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      • I do like those chocolate mints, I love they have so few ingredients, and I’m glad I haven’t been to TJ’s in years so I don’t gorge on them πŸ˜›

        LOVE “chococrak”, going to start using that all the time (you’ll see!), and hope it gets added to the dictionary… Hey, doh was added πŸ™‚

        Woohoo that you finally got through those medical barriers and have an appointment. You know who’s going to comment on WHATEVER it is you write on Jan. 19th with a question, right? ❀

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  3. The mariachi is my favorite. I’d almost believe you were Hispanic! Good ole Dot’s Pretzels, first learned about through Mark. Last time I checked the price, they were up to $6.99. It’s a bag of flour and seasonings! Wishing you a healthy 2023.

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    • Yes, Mark’s pretzel peer pressure was reaching me across state lines. Hopefully he’ll finally let up now that I’ve tried them finally. πŸ˜‰

      A healthy, happy, whole (Shoot, so close with the alliteration) New Year as well, Bijoux.


  4. What a fun year-end post! I loved the Corona pic and the orange tree.

    I had to laugh about the hair tie photo. Do you know those little handheld personal fans…the ones that have blades that look like windmills? I once held one too close to my face, caught him long hair in the blades, and ended up with an instant dreadlock. I got the fan untangled, but couldn’t undo the dreadlock and ended up having to cut it off–fortunately it was a skinny thing. Lesson learned about fans with exposed blades!

    Happy New Year, Betsy!

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    • I’m sorry I didn’t go back to check on the corn stalk. I think part of me was afraid it would be gone. That happened once with a rogue pepper plant growing at the library. I was so happy to see it–there to provide food for a passerby! But someone removed it. 😦 Then again, maybe it was simply transplanted. That’s a new hopeful thought!

      And thanks, Rosaliene. Happy New Year to you. πŸ™‚

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  5. I love that all your pics are so good that there doesn’t seem to be winning consensus among the reader comments. I like the orange tree and the ET pretzel — but really, they are all good.

    And the first thing I thought of was JJ hair but then I thought that was too obvious — so you outmaneuvered me just using a post. I’d saying your martial arts skills are still strong!

    Happy New Year, my dear friend!!

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  6. I may be biased – okay, there’s no “may” about it – but Dot’s truly are the best! Though Kringle’s Gourmet are nothing to sneeze at. But if you think $6/bag is bad, you’ll really flip out over how much Kringle’s cost.

    The orange tree pic is my favorite. Talk about a juicy bounty. Hands down the best thing about living in California!

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    • Mark! You’re killing me! Stop telling me about expensive salty snack foods! You know my weakness!!! (By the way, CM is now like $4 a bag. I’m glad I got over that obsession. Yeesh.)

      I knew you’d appreciate the tree. πŸ™‚


  7. You’re happy with a $6 bag of pretzels as a Christmas gift?! You better never stop reminding your husband that you are A CATCH!

    And, wow, martial arts even screws up your hair now? If you wanna bring on the pain so much, why don’t you take up archery or something? No injuries, no bad hair days, and you can attack from a distance. Jeez, Bets, use some conditioner and think about your health!

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    • Oh, Hubby knows he lucked out. πŸ˜‰ And archery does sound like fun. It would not, however, save me in a street fight unless I was a weirdo who carried my bow and quiver with me everywhere I went. Then I’d just be ASKING to be jumped.

      And I have, in fact, bought conditioner to keep on hand now. πŸ™‚

      Wishing you even MORE writing success in 2023, Mike!

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  8. I like the egg picture best and the fact that your daughters accept their parents for the way they are, without questioning it too much πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ I feel like you could use this, though. Like you could put a balloon animal in the refrigerator and wait around the corner to see what their reaction is. Happy New Year!!

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  9. I had trouble getting past the first picture. I sat for several minutes thinking, “OMG is she going to start taking mariachi violin lessons or just start drinking large quantities of beer?”

    about the hair – that’s kind of what my hair looks like first thing out of bed – well much worse. Combing it doesn’t help, I have to shower and wash it to tame it. Part of the reason I normally am allowed to shower first.

    I would have commented sooner, but it snowed here and I’ve been spending all my free time shoveling snow.

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  10. This is a great idea for a post and I enjoyed looking through these and the brief story behind them. Ouch, the hair one looks painful! I love the photo of the beautifully presented flowers picked by your son. Also, your orange tree is a dream and reminds me of wonderful holidays! How amazing to have this literally in your garden! Wishing you a very Happy and Safe New year, Betsy! x

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    • I may make the photo dump a regular thing. I had all these photos for the blog with no place to put them–except a post all their own! Yes, the orange tree was so peaceful and joyous. Of course, photos never do it justice, but it brings me back to that place to look at it. A blessed and joyous new year to you, Annika! πŸ™‚

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  11. You’re back! Your community is such a great one. Love reading the comments every time you post something new. And as a writer by trade, I have to say I appreciate the Greek pic the most.

    And BJJ hair is such a mood. There’ve been countless times where we’d drill something that requires shoulder pressure from top side control, and I’ll have to cheat and ask my female partners to lift their head higher, because I can’t just slip my hand under their neck like I would on a typically hairless dude, lol.

    Also, I always feel bad when I’m accidentally kneeling on her hair, and neither of us know it until she gets up and breaks a few strands.

    Looking forward to your 2023 posts, Betsy!

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    • My community IS great. Thanks for noticing!

      Takes a fellow writer to fully appreciate the Greek truck. We seem to be in a minority on that one, so thanks for standing with me. πŸ™‚

      I once lost a chunk of hair despite my best efforts. I’m constantly tightening or redoing my bun during class. To save time, I sometimes wrap the band one more time over wherever it’s loosest, which is when it ends up in the worst tangle, like in that pic.

      It’s crazy how I don’t even feel getting bruised, but snag just one strand of hair… Ah well. It’s nice of you to “cheat” and ask her to lift her head to spare her hair. My partners frequently apologize for pulling my hair, though it’s my own fault. I try, though, really!


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  13. Loved ET sell it on EBay 🀣 Yeahhhhhhh you are officially in the wisteria club, wasn’t it exciting seeing them for the first time? That orange tree is amazing, I’m so jealous!!!! Time to braid your hair when you return to Jiu-Jitsu.πŸ˜‰

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    • Braid my hair…. duh! Yes, I’ll have to try that! Maybe braid it AND bun it? I try to keep it all in a tight clump, but it never stays. Maybe a braided clump would do better. Thank you, Diane. You’re full of more than just great cooking ideas! πŸ˜‰


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