My Birthday Part 2: What Actually Happened


One great thing from last year’s birthday that I WAS able to preserve this year was having brunch with two of my besties, including Neighbor. I checked off a minor bucket list item of finally trying an açaí bowl. It did not disappoint.

Tasty little super food, with some other yummy foods to boot, on a beautiful wooden table.

And, Neighbor got me two of my favorite guilty pleasures:

Chex Mix, OF COURSE, and also Rockstars, which I occasionally partake of when I have a martial arts class and about zero energy to make it through. (Don’t judge.) At any rate, I love how she gets me.

That evening, since my Grand Band Plan didn’t work out, I invited friends to hang out at a restaurant. Here’s the good, the bad, and the ugly (not in that order):

I opened the restaurant door on my foot, thus cutting my toe. I’ll spare you yet another foot injury pic. It didn’t bleed or hurt much, so whatever, but it wasn’t a terrific start to the night.

To the 20-something waitress who showed us to our table, I said, “I like your nose ring. I thought about getting one too, [note to readers: not seriously. Just making conversation.] but I do Jiu-Jitsu, so I’d have to take it in and out before and after each class.”

“Oh, yeah, and they close up so quickly,” she said. “That’s awesome you do Jiu-Jitsu. So did my mom.”

And just like that, I go from relating to a 20-something to being compared to her mom, which, to be fair, is more accurate.

We were given two outdoor tables: numbers 9 and 10, which I thought appropriate, since my birthday was 9/10. 🙂

Our time at the restaurant was pleasant, and the weather was unnoticeable, which is to say, it was perfect. I was surprised that many friends gave me cards. Here are a couple (slideshow) from a fellow pun-lover and a friend who also appreciates the joy of randomness:

After our drinks and french fries (we’d eaten dinner with the kids earlier–fish tacos at Rubios), Hubby and I took the scenic route up and down the parking garage looking for our car. When we initially parked, we did so near a friend and started talking with him immediately rather than taking note of our parking space. He left the restaurant a half hour before us, so walking closely behind him, acting as though we knew exactly where we were heading, was not an option.

Lo and behold, when the object of our vehicular search was at last in site, the bottom of one of my shoes fell off.

I dug these back out the trash just to show you. You’re welcome.

The shoes hurt to the point where I had considered walking barefoot through the garage, anyway, but didn’t because, eww. I was more relieved for an excuse to get rid of them than anything else. So, aside from walking the rest of the way with one step higher than the other, I’ll consider that a win. Good riddance, evil shoes.

Now, backing up to earlier in the day, my girls had festooned the house with festive streamers and creative displays of plants.

This and a couple vases of flowers. I love the uniqueness.

Creative Hubby had gone to Lowe’s and picked up a paint sample of each person in the family’s favorite color, had them write a note to me on it, then tied them together with string.

Ten points for thoughtfulness right? Feel free to steal this idea.

And when I came home from Jiu-Jitsu, I walked into my room to find this:

Hubby, who knows I love birch trees, constructed this for me in the evenings while I was at martial arts. You may recall he also built my belt rack. He’s teaching himself woodworking and doing an amazing job.

He also enabled me to broaden my salt-tooth horizons by getting me these:

Be still my heart. And my taste buds. Move over Cheddar Chex Mix!!!

But since I’m not ALL salty, I’ll end with this story.

Every once in a while we hear the ice cream truck ambling down the main street our cul de sac is attached to. It occurred to me that I have never gotten ice cream from an ice cream truck; therefore, bucket list, obviously.

I mentioned this to Hubby, so when we heard the music down yonder on August 31, he asked if I wanted to go get some ice cream.

“No,” I said. “Not yet. It’s not even my birthday month. I want to hold out.”

“Okay.” He shrugged.

On September 10, when I was drying Little Joe off after his bath, (It may have been my birthday, but I’m still a mom.) Hubby called down the hallway that he heard the ice cream truck.

“Hurry!” I said to Joe. “We gotta get you dressed! The ice cream truck!”

There may be no better way to motivate a five-year-old to get a move on.

We ran, en masse, down our street, me pumping my fist as I yelled to my bewildered neighbor in his front yard, “Ice cream truck on my birthday!”

We chased that puppy down, then waited for the four barefoot, age-appropriate youngsters to purchase their treats before we ordered our own.

Just as the ice cream man started his engine to move on, Hubby said, “Do you want to get a picture?”

“Oooh! Yes!”

I knocked on the window, and the man shut off the engine. I apologized and explained my whole [insanity] wanting to get ice cream from an ice cream truck on my birthday because I never had before, and I can’t believe he’s actually here, etc. etc. and would he mind a picture?

Never too old to act like a kid, right?

Not only did he come to the window to indulge me for the picture, he gave me a free ice cream and wished me a happy birthday.

Day officially made.

Now how can I top this next year?


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  1. I can’t help but notice the similarity between Snyder’s Twisted and Dot’s, which of course started the whole craze in the first place. I may no longer be a Dakotan, but I’ve still got Dakota Pride. BACK OFF, SNYDER’S IMITATORS!

    I’m glad you were able to find your car. I once spent 30 minutes scouring a parking garage in Portland because I’d forgotten where I parked. Talk about a Seinfeld moment!

    Happy belated birthday, by the way.

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  2. Love, love, love this post! How have you never gotten a treat from an ice cream truck? Didn’t you grow up near me? I cracked up at the picture. I think Ice Cream Man wasn’t thrilled, but put up with you! Lol!

    “Get a move on” omg, I love that phrase, but haven’t heard it in years. Maybe because it’s something my MOM said?? Bahahaha…..too funny about the girl at the restaurant!

    Your family is Uber creative. My hubby would be thrilled to see those are SW paint cards, so now I’m totally stealing this idea for his birthday next year. Happy Belated to you!

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  3. The birch tree rack is great. How clever of your husband. As for going from relating to a 20-something only to be compared to her mom, that stings. What’s worse is the first time someone tells you that you remind them of their grandma. That about killed me in my tracks. A grandma, me? No stinking way…

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  4. Love this! And of course with the ice cream truck, you also get music so its SORTA like having a band. Well, not at all but with your amazing attitude, it could work.

    And the rest sounds wonderful, except the foot injury and shoes. And as always, thank you for the extra effort to dig the shoes out of the garbage can! A gift just for us — but it’s your birthday!

    Happy birthday my dear friend!

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    • I DID get music on my birthday! You’re so right, Wynne. And, all things considered, it was the best kind of music. That the truck came back on my actual birthday was a special kind of gift.

      Opening the door on my foot was such a dork move–I had to share. No real harm done, just, sheesh, Betsy, mind your foot!

      Thank you for appreciating my garbage rescue work. 🙂

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  5. Uh oh, tried the Acai huh? One step closer to the Gracie cult lol! 😉 I heard if you eat it before BJJ, in the vicinity of a Gracie Academy, your skill level increases and you get promoted quicker. Worth a shot. lol

    Seriously though, Happy B-day fellow person-born-in-the-season-of Virgo!

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  6. Maybe your shoe fell apart out of fear that you were going to a jiu-jitsu class and might kick someone while still wearing them.

    and of course you drink Rockstar. What else would a rockstar drink?

    Next year you should have your birthday party in the jiu-jitsu studio and hire an ice-cream truck to cater it (make sure they bring a supply of Chex Mix and Rockstar drinks). Anyone not having a good time gets thrown out – no actually, bodily thrown out. Could be fun …

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  7. I can’t believe that you’ve never had an ice cream from a truck before. It was a big part of my childhood. They still come around here now and then and, while I no longer partake, that jingly tune brings back fond memories. Açaí bowls are still on my bucket list. I see them advertised but have never had one. Good to know they are yummy.

    Happy birthday!

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  8. First, happy birthday! Second, I am so glad you didn’t post a picture of your injured toe. 🙂 Birch trees are my favorite and my husband painted a scene of birch trees for me. Love the idea of the cards from your kids. And yes, you are never too old to act like a kid.

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  10. Dang, way to put the Band in the distant past! But sorry, there’s no topping this one next year. The doughnut card is like a dozen for the price of one. The favorite paint samples card set is a little jaw-dropping to the rest of us dads. And the ice cream truck wrap-it-up story “takes the cake”. Which begs the question, was there birthday cake anywhere in the celebration?

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    • I seriously had to think about this for a moment… Was there cake? I’m abnormal in that I don’t care about cake so long as there’s ice cream. There was brownie with marshmallows put in the batter to make the brownies extra soft, gooey, and delicious! So, yes, that was my “cake.” It was really good. Sorry I didn’t think to include a mention of it! Well spotted, Dave. 🙂

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      • Do you ever watch Jimmy Fallon’s tweet contests? Maybe this response was for the hashtag “My weird thing.” Someone wrote: I keep a fork in my purse at all times just in case cake happens.

        Ha! Was that your wife, holding the fork there for you?

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  11. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday!!

    Here’s what I learned about you from this post LOL
    1. You really hurt your feet a lot,
    2. You love Rockstars and ChexMix (I’ve never tried either),
    3. You love puns (this I knew already, to be fair),
    4. You must really love donuts LOL,
    5. It’s never above you to go the extra mile for your blog (even if it means rummaging through the trash for a photo-op of broken shoes lol) – SAME, GIrl! LOL

    Liked by 1 person

    • Not that I want to contradict you, but I should probably not misrepresent myself, so
      1. Yeah, kinda. I even bent my big toe backward recently when it got caught in my pant leg. Sigh.
      2. Love is too strong a word. I enjoy them on occasion like guilty pleasures.
      3. Yeppers! 🙂
      4. I don’t love donuts, but I do like them. I like puns more. 🙂
      5. Same as 3. 😛

      That was a fun game. 🙂

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  12. I read your birthday shenanigans with great interest – but it has taken me this long to post a comment (distractions distractions!!!)

    Guess no post would be complete without a busted something or other – but really, at your birthday party too? I will never feel sorry for myself when I stub a toe or catch a finger ever again! And a busted sandal to boot?

    Your friends and family certainly know & gifted you well – quirky, unusual, personal, fabulous! You certainly are surrounded by creative & loving folks! Happy happy! My favourite gift (not that you asked) is Hubby’s beautiful & meaningly love art. My heart overflows to bask in the joy!

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