Traps and T-shirts


I went down an Amazon T-shirt rabbit hole. Throughout this post are pics of the two shirts you overwhelmingly voted for last time (immediately below) and several more for your consideration and entertainment. Let me know which are your faves. I will purchase one of them, but know that my vote counts triple. πŸ˜‰

I received this email recently.

Aww. My JJ family misses me. I also got a text. Probably The System recognized that classes hadn’t been logged for me in a while.

Remember Drake? The dude who smashed me a couple weeks back? Sometime during that class I pulled the trapezius muscle in my back, better known as “trap” muscle (hence that part of the post title). This happened with Savage Teen Girl, too. Does my body tense up when I’m being pummeled or something? No idea. I’m new to exercise.

3. Coffee Then Jiu Jitsu.

Anyway, the Drake Damage wasn’t so bad that I didn’t attend the next class. There I was fortunate enough to partner with Jack the Black… Belt. He’s the best. Super considerate and helpful. Despite that, however, not far into class, the back called it quits. Or wanted to, but I still had to get through class.

I knew I would have to miss Wednesday’s class.

Then I also missed Saturday’s.

And the following Monday’s.


But last night the physical pain no longer outweighed the emotional pain, so I was BACK!

4. Some people just need a hug.

There was a new guy whom I will call, well, Big Guy.

The guy was BIG.

Fortunately I was partnered with someone shorter than I. That went fine. Nice guy, as always. Then near the end Instructor called, “Freeze! If you’re above 5’11” go to this wall. Below, stay over there.”

Ah, crud. Does this mean…

“It’s time for wall drills!”

Big Guy was in line behind me, which meant I’d be on bottom, he’d be on top. Uh, no. I casually walked over to get a drink from my water bottle then lined up at the end next to Li’l Trejo. I side whispered to him what I had done. He laughed and added, “Yeah, uh, I need to use the restroom.”

5. Like a normal girl, but cooler.

On my first drill, I was thrown in seconds.


Next I had Li’l Trejo and managed to throw him in seconds! Huzzah!

6. JJ against a bear. I added this one for fun. I won’t wear a shirt that would require people to stare at me for, like, half a minute. (But it is pretty funny if you’re able to read it.)

Then Instructor had us go back to one-on-one with our original partners and do 60-second drills. Shorty got me a couple of times, but I got him right back utilizing a knee-push trick Jack the Black had taught me in my previous class.

I had just successfully flipped Shorty and gotten on top when Instructor started counting down from ten to end the class. I threw my arms up in victory, as is my new thing.

I glanced over at Instructor across the room. “Count faster,” I said with mock urgency and smiled down at Shorty. He could easily have thrown me back off, but he smiled, said, “Good work” or something, and let me have the win until Instructor got to zero.

7. Importanter. This one cracks me up, especially since my primary occupation is writing and editing.

One other thing of particular note from this class.

Second stripe for 40 classes! And, of course, the kitty shirt. I need to find a shirt with a cat wearing a gi and belt!

When Instructor called me up (after two others received their first stripe), we got to have a quiet moment as he wrapped the white tape around my belt.

“Are you having fun?”

“Of course!”

“You’re doing really really well.” He looked up from the tape for a moment to look me in the eye as he said this. “Your ground control is solid. Your technique is great. You’re really doing well.”

“Thank you, sir.”

8. Murder Yoga. Also not a viable option, but funny.
9. Tactical Hugging. Super cool but doesn’t come in women’s. (Tom, maybe you should get this one!)

As I walked back to the wall, the two guys on either side, Older Gentleman and Li’l Trejo, fist bumped me.

I’ve missed this.

10. First lesson free but girly.

Okay, this is the last time I’ll make you vote before I announce my decision. Choose wisely, my friends. πŸ™‚

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  1. Haha – I have been down the Amazon t-shirt rabbit hole looking for bookish t-shirts. These here are some fun ones! I do hope your back is feeling better. We have something slightly in common – currently nursing a pinched nerve…

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  2. Love the importanter one. And the pink girly one. You’ll have to give us a hint: where can we get these? And congrats on the white belt. Is there a pink one? Ju ju isn’t just for guys. I’d dye it pink.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. #2 or #10. Maybe it’s different these days, but when I was taught self-defense as a security guard, the idea was to give more pain than you received. That was 44 years ago so it’s possible the theories have changed or perhaps I am just starting to forget things.

    but I do think you should get that kitty print on a gi …

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  4. I like the “folding laundry” one the best, Betsy. But the “Jiu Jitsu Girl” is easier to read at a passing glance if you want to get noticed on the street. πŸ™‚ And, oh, be careful for your back! I’m glad you’re resting. Have fun shopping!

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  5. I like your line about class, β€œBut last night the physical pain no longer outweighed the emotional pain, so I was BACK!” So glad the back is better!

    #5 struck me as something that would be so great for your girls in fight club. But I like the last one best for you.

    Congrats on your new stripe! That’s awesome!

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  6. Congratulations! It’s admirable how you keep at it and great that you are getting better and better.πŸ˜€
    Art of folding clothes is great. Or maybe the importanter one? You decide for me.

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  7. Ugh! When those muscles didn’t get a chance to tap out in time.

    Congratulations PIF! (I actually wrote “Betsy” and had to correct it!) πŸ˜‚

    I miss all of these feelings you are having. Martial arts….good stuff. ❀️


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  9. Well hello, fellow jiu-jitsu practitioner who’s also a blogger on WordPress! Always great to meet like-minded people on here. Haha I make up names for people too, especially when I’m visiting an unfamiliar gym. I have The Small Guy With Strong Shins, The Backpack Girl, and The Tank, among many others.

    I just got back after a two-year hiatus too, no thanks to COVID, and it really highlighted just how irreplaceable this form of exercise is to me. Anyway, nice meeting you!

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  10. Aw sorry you haven’t been feeling great but glad you are getting better! You must’ve been beside yourself missing that many classes!

    My vote is still with #1 (the art of folding clothes) but I AM NOT GOING TO LIE, I did laugh out loud (hard) with murder yoga LMAO!!! if I did JJ, I’d buy that one for home-wear LOL


    • I was super grumpy that week, and I think it was because I wasn’t getting to class. When I realized I was well enough to return, my mood boosted instantly. Ca-razy.

      Murder Yoga is definitely a guilty pleasure chuckle. πŸ˜‰ Thanks for your vote, BB. πŸ™‚

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