The world is ending.


I played chicken with the universe and lost. I’m sure it thought my last post was rather entertaining, and yet it was not amused.

I didn’t attend class Monday, but kicked my cold by skipping the coffee and replacing it with Emergen-C. That stuff works wonders.

So, I felt fine today, health-wise. The bruises and soreness are minimally there, so whatevs.

I skidded into class a few minutes late, saying, “I’m here! I’m here!”

Other than Instructor, no one else was.

Happily on my way to class, feeling like I’ll be coming out on top at last.

I had a daymare recently. You know, a nightmare while you’re awake? In it, Instructor announced he was canceling the daytime classes I attend due to low attendance.

I took it further in my mind with me telling him I had this daymare, and him going, “Uuumm… well, actually…” or some variation of that. Then I imagined that whole bit actually happening.

And it did. All of it. Me telling him and him responding exactly as I feared he would.

Premonition? Warming me up for the let down? I have until the end of the month. Which.Is.Monday. I have one more beloved class left.

I’m taking a moment of silence here before I go on.

Okay. So, my recourse is an evening or a Saturday class. I have done those in the past, but they inconvenience my family. Plus, three words: Savage Teen Girl. I told Instructor, “This is the funniest sentence I’ve ever said, but, I’m afraid of Fate.”

Fate is not STG’s name, but it’s something similar and has the same effect.

I explained that she utterly squashes me. She’s never needed to hold back because she, like me, has trained with men. And she’s a girl. She didn’t have to worry about hurting anyone. Until the 100-pound old lady showed up.

Instructor said, “I’m sorry that happened. Thank you for telling me. I can be sure you’re partnered with someone else.”

Fine. I guess that’s better, but in these larger classes, Instructor only has time for a quick fly by of all the partners, as opposed to the one-on-one or near one-on-one I’ve been getting.

Spoiled, I know.

My other option, I practically shudder as I type this, is 6 a.m. classes.

Ugh. Brr. Ick. Yuck. Yikes. Blech.

One of Instructor’s Surfer Dude brothers, aka The Brothers Surf (the much anticipated sequel to The Brothers Karamazov by Fyodor Dostoevsky) showed up part-way through class. At the end, Instructor let me do some Reflex and Development with both himself and Surfer Dude 2. (I can sort of tell them apart now.) R & D is what you normally do when you seriously know your stuff.

I do not seriously know my stuff. I was pretzel-fied. And at one point I mistakenly had grape vines in instead of hooks, which meant when SD2 straightened his leg, it started to pop a tendon in my knee. I yelped. He stopped and apologized for not going slower. I still feel it when I move my leg a certain way.

I will not be attending Taekwondo tonight.

Should this be the end of Betsy’s Jiu-Jitsu journey? Do I just suck it up and do whatever it takes to keep going, even if it means those larger, inconvenient classes or waking up at fffff… fffffi-iii… hang on, I can get it…. fff–iiiiivvveee a.m?

As much as I smile every time I see that gi hanging up behind me, I also really enjoy wearing these.

I guess we’ll see. But in the meantime, it’s looking like:

Betsy-0 Universe-infinity

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    • This was the only one near me with daytime classes. Another had class during dinner. This and a farther one are both after dinner, but it puts a burden on Hubby to deal with after dinner clean up and homework issues, and getting the youngest to bed, etc…

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  1. Ah, Betsy, maybe you could shadowbox for awhile until a more convenient class comes up. Or walk, walking is good exercise. Maybe spar with random strangers on your walk. Gotta be ways to keep your hand, foot, in the game. Brainstorm!

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  2. Man, definitely a conundrum!

    Day classes are definitely hard for Academies, precisely because of attendance. At the same time, depending on location, the seasons have an impact on attendance too.

    You definitely need to be comfortable with your training partners, I encourage students to speak up like you did as well as create boundaries and verbalize to your partner if they are going too hard during the repetition part of class. Hell, even the sparring doesn’t need to be hard all the time! I abhor students being idiots on the mat and trying to go hard when it isn’t called for.

    To STG – Not every roll has to be a “world championship level” intense roll. It’s an afternoon class, nobody cares if you tap or get the tap, calm down, Spaz!

    A larger class could offer more exposure to higher ranks, which if they are helpful could aid in your development when the instructor isn’t able to get to everyone on a more personal level. Working with higher ranks is WAY better than working with other white belts. Some schools have weird protocols about that and don’t allow it – weird and culty AF – good schools prefer a “tide raises all boats” attitude and encourage lower belts to work with the higher ones.

    Hopefully you can figure something out that works with your current season in life. Hang in there!

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  3. That is quite the letdown, but maybe the Universe is trying to tell you something. Like take a Cake Decorating class? I kid, I kid. I just know I wouldn’t want a weekend or 6am class!

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  4. Ah, Betsy. So inspiring how you handle life’s disappointments with such humor.

    I take issue with your score at the end because the game’s still underway. I think the Universe is just testing your commitment.

    I vote for the early morning classes – that way you can kick butt all day long! After all, you got this post written by 7:26am so an early morning class can’t be that much more of a stretch! πŸ™‚

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  5. You will be surprised how much you like that 6 am class. Getting up at 5 am….is an option. A good one. πŸ™‚ The evening class is also a good option. Larger classes lead to more options! (training opportunities). I hope whatever you do it enhances your fire for training.

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  6. My assertion is that the Emergen-C doesn’t work, but your belief that it works works. There’s lots to be said for the power of positive thinking (and, without getting too hippy-dippy, visualizing things to make them happen).

    Yo. I’m up at 5:05 every morning but Thursday. You can do it!

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  7. You know, yeah, 5 am sucks, but if you wanted to get me fighting – wake me at 5 am … I’d lean Jiu-Jitsu very quick if I got woken at 5 am more than once or twice. Of course, once I had the black belt, I’d sleep till noon (unless another black belt was waking me up).

    so maybe there is so maybe something to getting up at that hour …

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