Sure enough, more crowing

Sure enough, more crowing

We knew it was coming. It was only a matter of time, but since there are now eight little chickens in the coop, isolating the rascals, I mean, roosters, is tough. I heard two different weak crowing attempts, as they’re just stretching their wings, so to speak. But also literally. I saw feathers unfurled on two birds right after the crowing. Next problem: we have three brown and three white, so unless I’m an ornithologist armed with tags, how will I know which birds these were when I’m ready to get rid of them?

But first, I need to back up.

We took the last of the big roosters back to the Chicken Lady. Since it was full-grown, I was hoping for two small birds in exchange, but she only gave us one.

Who you looking at?
Yeah, I’m talking to you!

Anyhow, turns out later ALL the newer younger chickens we got from Chicken Lady’s dad started crowing. We took them all back and replaced five for five. Chicken Lady insists they’re all hens this time. And my gosh, they’d better be because we are done making that trip.

Some of our newbies. I sent this picture to her, pointing out the difference in combs between these two brown ones, which are supposedly from the same… what? hatch, maybe? She says they’re both hens. Hmmm…

But while we were there, we discovered that she still had our old fetching fellow, Umber. In fact, she told us she likes that name and calls him Umber too. She even grabbed him for us so we could greet him again properly. I hope he’s happy back in his original home and doesn’t resent us for giving him up.

Look at him strut his stuff. He’s still got it!

Of the original seven we got on May 4, only two remain. They started laying about a month ago. Hooray! They’re still cute little eggs.

See? Smaller than average, but also tastier than store-bought.

Before long, the newbies should also be laying. Then we’ll finally have eggs coming out of our ears. πŸ™‚

And now for some bonus shots from the Chicken Lady’s place:

Look at this monster of a rooster! Umber was not put in the same area as this guy. Chicken Lady said he would not do well. She put him with the younger birds instead. I’m sure those chics were thrilled.
I thought this one was rather photogenic, and menacing, too.
Now she has a turkey! I’ll bet those are baby turkeys around her. Poults, they’re called. I looked it up for you. You’re welcome. If I were to go back there the day after Thanksgiving, my guess is the turkey would be gone.

But here was the best part:

They also have a CAT! Hello, Kitty Kitty! Meow, meow! Sorry about the random hand in the foreground. Not even sure whose it is.

I hope you all, and your animal friends, are well. What’s your favorite animal? What’s your spirit animal? I’ll tell you mine, if you tell me yours! ;P

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  1. Well, at least we have solved which comes first, the chicken or the egg. At least at your house… πŸ™‚

    I’d say next time you do the exchange, don’t get a different chicken, get a different chicken lady. πŸ™‚

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  2. When I was little I always had to gather the eggs for my Grandma and every time I went into the chicken coop a HUGE white rooster would be waiting at the door standing in one of the nests on the wall and would fly at me and scratch me or hit me in the head!!! To this day I am petrified of any flying animal. I can’t imagine owning chickens. Good gravy you guys are brave!

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    • I wonder if the chickens like living with a cat?
      Around here, the neighbor’s cat hangs around, making our chickens nervous. I’m sure they’ll get used to each other. The last batch of chickens and cat did. (That cat is gone, sadly.)

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  3. I toyed with getting chickens once but decided that A) they are a lot more work than I originally thought (and I don’t have any munchkins to foist the work off on); B) we want to travel and I would have to find someone to take care of them while we are gone; and C) I don’t eat that many eggs. Another fantasy shattered by reality.

    While I was in Oaxaca, I was told by someone who knows these things, that my spirit animal is a monkey. I am pretty happy with that.

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  4. Betsy, you have been missed or maybe I just overlooked new posts. That is a cool name for a rooster and I am glad it stuck. Of course, I think I would rather be called “Umber” than “Chicken Lady” or “Chicken Man,” as it were. Let’s hope they are all hens as promised. My daughter is down to eight hens, but they always have plenty of eggs to sell. Take care. Keith

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  5. I seriously had no idea that the chicken world had so much variety in its species. Umber is gorgeous! Hoping it’s the last trip for you, though. What a hassle!

    My spirit animal is the daschund. Which I suppose is weird since I’m rather tall for a female. Their determination and attitude is very relatable to me. And those big dark eyes draw me in. Another favorite animal is penguins. I could watch them all day at zoos.

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  6. My maternal Grandmother had the biggest chicken coop you could imagine, she had at least a hundred hens, and two or three roosters, but only one can be the alpha male, they fight each other.
    It was fun as a child to go and pick the eggs, why she did have so many chickens?
    I guess she was just a country woman, she did not even sold the eggs, or the birds, she give the eggs away, and every Sunday we will eat chicken, feeding them will cost her money, and not to talk about the work of keeping the coop clean, and feed them, she also had turkeys, geese, and ducks on a separate yard, with a pool for the ducks and geese, but not that many, maybe a dozen turkeys and about also about a dozen ducks and geese.
    We use to go visit her on Spring, and Summer breaks from school, and sometimes in Christmas, it was fun for all my brothers, and sister.

    Here I wrote a post quite some years ago:

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  7. You may have covered this before, but is there a particular reason why you want to have chickens? They seem work-y to me. As for my favorite animal, probably a cat. As for my spirit animal, it’s Snoopy. Now that I write this I realize there may be a conflict of interest there. πŸ€”


    • They are work-y. Great word-y! πŸ˜‰ (Couldn’t resist.) But once it’s all settled that we have a buttload of hens, we’ll get a buttload of eggs to eat, sell, throw at the houses of our enemies, and what have you. πŸ™‚ Conflict of interest–ha! Mine is snow leopard.

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  8. Wow, that Umber is a looker! And the big guy sure looks tough; good idea not to put Umber with him. I don’t blame you for not getting any more chickens when the ones you have stop laying. We’re down to three chickens, maybe one egg a day, and rumor has it we’ll be rebuilding the flock in spring. I mean, the eggs are good, but I hope hubs doesn’t go overboard and get, like, half a dozen chicks, because we can’t eat a dozen eggs twice a week to keep up, and I’m not going in to the office to sell them.

    I’m not sure what my spirit animal is. I love cats, the bigger the better, so I suppose my spirit animal would be a tiger (since American cave lions went extinct like, more than ten thousand years ago, after the Ice Age). But sometimes I like to think my spirit animal is a dragon πŸ™‚

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    • Your spirit animal is TOTALLY a dragon! No reason it can’t be. I’m amused by how many people have answered cat, either domestic or a larger variety. Now two tigers, a cheetah, a snow leopard (me), two cats, and a monkey! πŸ™‚ Interesting. We are a bunch of writers, though, so OF COURSE there’d be a lot of cat answers. πŸ™‚

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  9. Such beautiful chickens and eggs! My favorite animal, which I never see around here at all, is an orca.I’d love to see one, but I do see plenty of starfish, which I love, and we have a cat. I love cats too. Cheers!

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  10. More roosters, huh? I guess it is hard to tell. But nice to see the eggs starting to show up too. They’re pretty animals, aren’t they? Even the “menacing” one. Lol.

    I just got back from Oahu, and would you believe there are feral chickens (and chicks) everywhere! Apparently, there was a tsunami years ago that resulted in freed chickens. The Hawaiians had a chicken-catcher for a while and eventually they just gave up. It’s crazy to see a flock of them running across the city street.

    And my spirit animal is a crocodile. πŸ™‚

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    • That is amazing about Oahu. Do people just grab a passing chicken for dinner, or what? Seems it could be a great thing for last minute meals if you know how to process them! πŸ˜›

      A crocodile! That is a unique one! I’ve gotten a lot of cat or cat relatives, one monkey, and now a crocodile! Well done, Peach! Mine was snow leopard. πŸ™‚

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    • We gave ours names, too, but then we have swapped them out so often, that we finally gave up. Plus, too many look similar to tell them apart. There’s an online community of chicken people who are clearly very attached to their birds. One woman had a portrait done of one!
      My husband heard another crow yesterday morning. I give up!!

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  11. Oh man! I’ve known this about you for a while, Betsy, but I’ve just got to say this again: you have infinite patience & so much humour to deal with situations which would have driven most of us crazy by now!

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  12. What do you do with the extra eggs that you can’t consume?

    I love cows (only animated cows).. I don’t know why lol apparently it’s a huge thing lol.. And my spirit animal is squirrel… Mostly bc they’re erratic and petty I think… 😭🀣

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    • We sell the extra eggs.
      A squirrel! I love the uniqueness of that answer! It also implies you have lots of energy. Unlike mine: snow leopard.. Gotta love cats, in general, for their exquisite ability to be contend just lying around. πŸ˜›

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  13. Our daughter and family raise chickens and turkeys but no names as they butcher them… The meat is so superior to the grocery store. Somehow my son in law seems to know the sexes. I’ve never asked but maybe I will next year. They are all in the freezer except for the 5 pigs. Those I do name for fun. Ham, bacon, chops, etc.
    My spirit animal would probably be a bison or a dairy cow.

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    • I told the Chicken Lady that her dad had given us roosters. She said, “That’s funny because I learned how to tell the difference from him.” So clearly he has it backwards and taught her likewise!

      Love your pig names! πŸ˜› My spirit animal is a snow leopard. Thank you for sharing!

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