My most embarrassing text


We got this fun ninja mask from relatives.

The son of my neighbor left his flip flops at my house, so I slipped on the mask to return them.

“Jim”, “Pam,” and son were outside admiring Jim’s new work truck when I walked up, slid the shoes onto the tailgate and backed away.

Before I explain what happened next, you should know that Pam and I had a long running joke involving me texting her the ninja emoji. It probably had to do with the time she let me sneak into her house for a cup of sugar.

What happened after this little shoe drop off is explained in this text I sent Pam soon after.

This is the most embarrassing text I’ll ever write to you (hopefully).

When I got back home, [Hubby] said, “How’d it go?”

Me: Jim said, “Nice mask.” Pam said, “You’re the ninja emoji!” and I wrote Ha!

Hubby, long pause: You WROTE, ‘Ha’?

I looked at him, confused.

Him: You just said, “I wrote ‘ha.’”

I looked across the table to [Daughter]. She, too, was looking at me like I’d had a stroke.

I was completely unaware I had said that.

Too much time texting, apparently…

she texted.


I couldn’t just say that I laughed? Instead, I apparently “wrote ha”?!

Sweet heavens, mercy.

In other news, the branch of jasmine that held the hummingbird nest fell. Hopefully the parents planned to build a new nest next time anyway.

Hummingbird nest near my hand for scale.

Also for scale, an orange from our tree next to my daughter’s face.

Nearly the size of an 11-year-old’s head!

Here’s how much juice we got from that one orange. (By the way, these oranges taste incredible!)

Just shy of 16 oz. of juice from one orange.

My final offering is this picture of another daughter watching to see which of our “hens” has begun crowing.

They’re too young to easily tell which are hens and which are roosters, but one morning a noise came from the coop that sounded suspiciously like a cockadoodledoo. Sadly, Daughter was unsuccessful in catching the fowl beast in the act.

Hope you all have a lovely week!

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  1. Well, sometimes I say ‘LOL’ which is embarrassing, too!

    That orange is incredible. Your daughter is a cutie. Both my daughters are redheads and I have dark brown hair like you.

    Hummingbirds are the best bird of summer. We also get hummingbird moths which are cool.

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    • I don’t know what a hummingbird moth is. I’ll have to look that up.

      I have two redheaded daughters. The other two kids are blondies.

      I’ve heard people say OMG and WTF out loud, so, you know, why not LOL? 🙂


      • My son had blond hair, though it turned a light brown by age 16. I always thought dark hair was a dominant gene, but not in this family.

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  2. I think I used to have that very juicer back in the day when it was just Husband and I living in Phoenix, pre-kids. I must have gotten rid of it when we moved to Washington. That orange looks amazing. Fresh squeezed juice is the best!
    Fowl beast, ha! 😉

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    • Thanks for liking my fowl pun. After posting this, we caught the culprit in the act. Now we know for sure that one in particular is a rooster, but there may be others. 😡

      The juicer works great, and the juice is fab!


    • My predominant laugh is a simple “Ha!” A friend in college loved to joke about it. But to actually say OUT LOUD: “I wrote Ha,” when I had simply laughed in real life, is next level losing-itness. :/ I hope you don’t follow me down this path, AB. Save yourself while there’s still time!!!

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  3. Sigh … so hard to live in this high tech environment! It takes me forever to decode Text Speak …. I actually had to read your conversation several times before I could figure what they were laughing about?!!!!

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  4. Oh, I’m the king of embarrassing texts. Trust me. You’ve got nothin’ on some of my faux pas! But you have one-upped me on the orange. Citrus? More like CIT-ginoRmUS!

    That may have been a stretch…

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    • LOL! That was totally a stretch, but I appreciated the laugh. I seem to remember one of your posts involving texting embarrassing things to your mom that were meant for your wife or something. Yeah, you win. And it wasn’t so much an embarrassing text as it was me talking like I was texting, which was embarrassing. What am I, a Millennial?


  5. Funny about the text, Betsy. Darn about the nest. We all have a vested interest in this little hummingbird family. Wow, oranges on your tree! And, the size! Keep us posted on the origin of the cockadoodledoo. We live in an ordinary subdivision with hens on the other side of our fence. A great deal of clucking early in the morning. And then the hens begin. 🙂

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  6. LOL! Methinks you’ve been texting a little too much. WOW! what an orange! And a beautiful daughter. So, do you carve oranges for Halloween instead of pumpkins?

    And a rooster. Talk about an alarm clock you don’t have to wind. 😀

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