Go take a hike


On our family hike, I found myself carrying the backpack and the extra water bottle, so naturally I had to tease my husband: “Sure, sure. I carried our kids for nine months each, I might as well carry everything else now too.”

He said, “Well, since you have all that experience…”

He was joking, of course. He then took the bag and bottle from me.

When we came across this in the parking lot, my little Joe said, “Someone dropped their fire candle.”

He’s a descriptive kid.

Anybody go on any walking adventures recently? Spot anything interesting/pretty/weird?

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  1. Great description! I always seemed to carry all the crap on family vacations, so I can relate. Probably because I had the big purse!

    Well, you know about the metal coyote, but yesterday I walked a new trail that was really untamed as far as nature . . . But had this weird exercise equipment in the middle of nowhere! Like the stuff you use to exercise your arms at a gym. Very odd!

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  2. “Fire candle” – a perfect description. I love hearing the words that kids use to describe an object. Most times they’re so RIGHT on. In my head, I still call “water” the name I used as a kid – Lulu. My parents were upset that I kept on calling water “LULU” up til the age of 5 at least. But really, lulu describes its fluidity and beauty and flowing nature so well!

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  3. Betsy, fire candle is descriptive. We were staying at B&B last week near the north fork of the New River, so I was hiking one morning along the river. I came across this cool gazebo which overlooked the river. It had a nice wooden bench built in, so I sat and took in the flow of the river, which was not too large at this point. Rushing water is so soothing. Sometimes little surprises crop up that make it more worth while. Keith

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  4. Fire candle. Clever kid! My walks are generally along a dirt road with no trees, but our yard is a menagerie. We’ve got everything from chipmunks to rabbits to groundhogs. The other morning when I went out to open the chicken pen, I saw a possum making its way across the yard. A big possum. I told it I was watching. It looked at me, then dismissed me and trotted into the grove. The other odd (?) sighting was a few years ago when I saw a family of sandhill cranes in the neighbor’s field: two adults and two junveniles. I had never seen those cranes before. They hung out for a week before moving on.

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  5. Love the fire candle description! We go on walks all of the time around the neighborhood. Lots of interesting sidewalk chalk and hop-scotch games, so we do the hop scotch, whenever we see one. It’s fun.

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