Human Jungle Gym, Part 2: A Happy Medium

Human Jungle Gym, Part 2: A Happy Medium

Here’s Hubby’s latest approach to working from home with a toddler:

(If you missed it, here’s Part 1.)

As you click through the slideshow, note Hubby’s concentration. Working through distractions is a learned skill.

That last pic is just for fun, so you can have your “Awwwww!!!” moment once you get a load of that kid’s eyes!

My final offering is in honor of fellow blogger, tref, because when I saw this pic, I was reminded of those I see of him looking at his restaurant food. I get extra points, however, because my sweater perfectly matches my deep fried matcha green tea ice cream, which was, by the way, delicious.

Thank you for reading. Which pic did you enjoy the most? Eat anything extra tasty lately?

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  1. Thank you for sharing another feel good post, Betsy. Two cuties in your first photo and one Beauty in your last photo.πŸ’• Wow, heavenly β€œdeep fried matcha green tea ice cream”…sounds tasty and eye candy. My husband just put together an Icelandic dish we had in Iceland – halibut, potato, onion cold salad – I was just going to let him know it tastes better than the original. Expecting a huge smile.

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    • Right?! The sweater match (ahem, matcha) was amazing!

      Once I pointed out to my older kids how well my son’s little potty matched my pajamas. Seriously, just gotta find the joy in these little things when you can!

      Any decisions made on your, uhm, issue yet?? Praying for you. ❀ ❀

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      • Oh I’ve felt (and needed) your prayers, so thank you ❀

        So far my decision has been to not contact, to not reach out. I got close enough to even writing the email and having a few people proof it… and up until that point, it felt like the best thing. But moving further forward and actually sending it (after setting up an anonymous email account of course)… doesn't feel safe. So I haven't. So that's my update. Not much of an update, but enough xxxxxxx

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      • That’s a good update. I’m glad you went through the steps of writing the email from an anonymous account and then realizing you still didn’t feel safe moving forward. Sounds like you made the right call. I’m glad you explored it and now you know. Sounds like a worthwhile journey.

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  2. Betsy, first off Dad is a trooper. Hats off to him. As for your son, that young man is going to make hearts melt as he gets older. As for the last one, how did the ice cream taste? It looks like you wanted to impress your date with a matching top to your order. I think my favorite green ice cream would be pistachio, matching top or not. Keith

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    • I couldn’t have matched better if I’d planned it. It was just a happy coincidence.
      And Hubby has years of practice being a trooper. I’ve often bugged him while he’s been trying to work too. Heehee. πŸ™‚ And the ice cream was delish. I wish I’d been hungry enough to finish it all. :/


  3. You got me at Deep-Fried! But deepfried ice cream?!!!!

    It must be such a challenge to work from home … Loving Husband certainly prefers going in – and we don’t have toddlers at home. But there are still so so so many distractions!

    Hope you are all well and are having a brilliant Easter season!

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  4. I didn’t know I’d be ordering matcha green tea ice cream. There was another flavor option, which I now forget. Vanilla, maybe? Boring. I CLEARLY made the right choice. πŸ˜‰

    At this point, I think Hubby could work through an air raid. πŸ™‚


  5. Haha! Yep, distractions of children are funny and a skill learned how to work whilst being a climbing frame.πŸ˜€ I always think driving tests should include a couple of noisy children in the back seat – much more real life than total silence. So glad you included the ‘awww’ photo – so cute!

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    • When my oldest daughter starts her driving practice, we should totally toss some siblings in there. Good call. Far more realistic for her. Good thing her brother will be strapped in so he can’t be climbing on her while she’s driving.

      Joe’s beautiful eyes are irresistible, aren’t they? πŸ™‚

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  6. Aww! Those eyes! You’ll have to keep an “eye” on Joe when he gets older. He’s gonna be a heart-breaker (or heart-taker). Must take after his dad (unless he likes the Packers. Then he definitely does not take after his dad πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ )

    Great pic of coordinated wardrobe and dessert!

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  7. Great photos, husband has had to adapt typing style so he can stroke the cat at the same time… More info needed – full ingredients on that “deep fried ice cream” please – what are the chunks of stuff?

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