When spelling doesn’t cut it.

When spelling doesn’t cut it.
Having the most challenging family member be preliterate is handy, since the rest of us know how to S-P-E-L-L.
Being able to communicate in a way that keeps our little Joe out of the loop is great when someone wants to sneak outside unencumbered by an enthusiastic tag-along.
The only problem is when that wannabe interloper is too smart for his own good. For instance, when Joe one day asked, “Can I go “o-u-t”?
This was our response, in cat form:

(Thanks, Queven of pixabay, for the image.)
So much for that “secret code.”
Another gem, from roughly a year ago, was when Joe claimed he couldn’t take his nap because, “I need to help my sister with her math question.” I’m sure, at two-years-old, he was a whiz at 4th grade math.
Then again, who knows with this kid. (Repeat image of wide-eyed cat above.)
Finally, check out my blog buddy Frank’s Beach Walk Reflections for some peace and zen. If you need a break from the daily grind, sink your toes into some warm, wet sand and relax. 🙂
Have a great week!

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  1. LOL! Now you’ll have to try using pig latin or maybe Spanish/German/French/Cat? The story I heard growing up is parents would speak in German when they didn’t want the kids to know what they were talking about. Which probably worked until the kids learned German 😀

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    • We’ve done that! Some version of Spanish/German has happened here too. We’re more comfortable with Spanish, but, yep, kids are starting to learn it now too. Of COURSE for you it’s German, being a Minnesotan. That’s why my hubs knows some (German camp as a kid). For me it’s my semester in Austria. Remember very little of it, however. :/

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  2. Our cat knows “outside.” We can’t even spell it because he sees us going outside. He can hear us opening the door. We can’t let him out because he freaks out and hides under the house. He is a rescue cat that was declawed by his previous owners, so he can’t defend himself out there if he escapes and wanders about until we can find him again–the cat is more trouble than our child.


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