Expert customer service


In the check-out line at Costco, a young employee asked with a completely straight face:

“The item at the top of your cart–will that be to purchase or for return?”

“I didn’t realize returns were an option on those,” I said.

Again, with nary a mouth twitch, he said, “If you have the original receipt.”


I expressed my regrets, as I did not. Joking, of course, and thankful my little man had no clue what we were talking about, lest he need future therapy.

Then again, I should probably be careful. He may be smarter than he looks. Out of nowhere the other day he announced:

“It is unacceptable that we don’t have a trampoline.”

Seriously, what? You’re three, kid. Come on.

And now something I owe Swinged Cat in exchange for the picture of his cat, Sydney. Here you go, Mark. A picture of Chex Mix in a bowl. How’s that for food photography?

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  1. Oh my goodness! Again you’ve got me in stitches! (I started reading your post in “limited browser” so I couldn’t see any images – I had finished the conversation bit when the image finally hit me for the big reveal!!!!

    That Chex Mix is just taunting me!


  2. Yes, little Joe reminds me of his father when he was three. We had a rule that there was no complaining until we had a family meeting and we could discuss matters. Well, it seems that Paul had some issues with one of his older siblings one day, and out of the clear blue he pipes up and says ‘I want to have a family meeting’!

    Seems like it runs in the family …


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  3. Here’s a story about a big man. My husband and I planned to go to Confession Saturday, but the time came and passed. My husband looked on the bright side: “We can yell at each other for another week.”

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  4. Betsy, Very cute on the amazing customer service. The staff at Costco should be given medals for their patience with customers. And how you could want to return such a little cutie? Food photography ready for Bon Apetit.πŸ™‚


  5. Kids can be so funny! But I’m not a fan of trampolines for kids, because my son and his cousin were jumping on the bed when they were young (my sister was watching them at the time, as I would have put a stop to that myself) and my nephew accidentally hit his head, hard, against my son’s chin. Which resulted in a nasty bump on my nephew’s head, and two knocked out teeth in my son’s mouth…thank goodness they weren’t his permanent teeth!

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