Dam it!


Hubs and I were standing in the kitchen when youngest daughter said, “Damn.” Our eyes widened.

What in the world?

I turned and saw this:


My daughter, sponging the excess water out of the dish washer, excited to have built a dam with her sponge.


Have you heard anything lately to make you sit up straight and say, “Pardon?!”

In unrelated news, I was in the back end of my blog trying to figure out how to fix something (I didn’t succeed), when I discovered a spate of unread, unmoderated, now old comments, many from good blog buddies. If any of you have noticed that I didn’t approve or respond to your comments, that was completely by accident, I assure you. I blindly accepted them all, but didn’t respond since now there were old. So sorry for dropping my end of the conversation.

Have a wonderful week!

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  1. For the longest time, many of my daughters words (who had trouble with speech) sounded like cursing. Sit, ship and fit were all sh*t. Thought, fought, duck, truck, stack, and bucket were all f*ck. Man, drag, bug, bag and a dozen words that stared with ‘d’ were dam. It was a rough few tears where we praised her “cursing” and others stared at us. But it was all just word approximations and we were just happy she was talking.

    Now she’s 13, and she actually *is* cursing, and I have to breath deep and remember that I’m not allowed to fly off the handle or curse back. Lol

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  2. Betsy, I am impressed how your daughter knows the concept of a β€œdam.” I may have been less surprised by the word β€œdamn?” 😁 I have had off and on issues with wp. I think no one is immune. I may become spam if I type in the word β€œdamn” one more time.😊

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    • Haha. And I appreciate the Minnesotan Uff-da! Our closest couple friends are from MN too. She says that often. We discovered one night that he and Paul both worked at Valley Fair the same summer so many many years ago. They may have crossed paths way back then and never realized it. Wild, huh?

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