Siblings: Before and After



Love, sweet love.


Fighting, kicking and fighting.

Just another typical day in Kerekes Casa. Sure, I could intervene and separate them, but I had to get pictures first, obviously.

Did you fight with your siblings? Do you still fight now?

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  1. Fought with my sister a bit when we were younger. We don’t fight now, but we don’t have a particularly close relationship either. We are 7 years apart, and I think that’s part of the issue. Though I read something recently that sibling rivalry/friction is a parental issue not a sibling issue. Not sure where I stand on that

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    • These two youngest are seven years apart. They get along great until he decides it’s time to wrestle. It’s a shame he doesn’t have a brother to do this with, as his sister is often not too interested. That seems to be the issue. :/ He tries to wrestle with me at times, and I’m not too interested either. There’s a little boy down the street, only a year older than mine, so I jokingly asked his mom if she could rent him out. Her son has two brothers. He’s got the wrestling covered. I don’t know if that makes this mom fortunate to have three boys, or unfortunate. πŸ™‚

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  2. OMG! As the oldest (and of course we grew up with WWF wrestling every Sunday after church) with three brothers, they wrestled plenty. And as the de facto babysitter (until my brother broke his wrist trying to slam dunk a basketball from the top of a milk crate on an icy driveway), I tried (and failed) to settle them down. I learned. Eventually. At least I could blame it all on them πŸ˜€

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  3. Oh this is good – I have so many memories of my kids being sweet as anything with each other then going to battle soon after. My favorite is when one was sent up for a time-out and the other was lonely while he was gone, kept asking where he was and when he was coming back!

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  4. Well, she breathed on him. It had to be done πŸ˜€ My sister kept hitting me in the head with the hairbrush when I wouldn’t hold still for her to brush it. The thing is, I remember intently holding my head still, and then, WHAM, out of nowhere comes a whack from the hairbrush for no reason.

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