Rabbit fur coat


Don’t get upset. It’s not what you think. It’s just what someone called it after piling me with bunnies.

First there was one.

Then someone asked if I’d like to hold two. “Sure,” I said, but that quickly jumped to three.


And suddenly there were four.


Then, of course, five.

And finally, all heck breaks lose. I couldn’t stop laughing.

Until, at last…

Though it’s a little hard to tell, I’m holding eight bunnies. (My apologies for the grainy photos. It was mostly dark out.)

I didn’t have “hold eight bunnies at once” on my bucket list, but I’d like to add it after the fact and then cross it off.

What strange things are on your bucket list? How many bunnies, or other animals, have you held at once?

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  1. My heart did skip a beat when I read your title, Betsy, and then I thought β€œno way.”

    Adorable bunnies. And adorable smile on your face. I think β€˜holding eight bunnies’ is now on my bucket list. They do seem docile. I thought they would panic and fidget more. A fun post!

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  2. This is lovely. You looked so happy! I also want to hold eight bunnies! When we were in Kota Kinabalu there was a bunny garden with a big gang of rabbits. We hanged out for a bit but I did not touch them. They were massive!

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  3. Wow! Beaty, that’s a LOT of bunnies and they are adorable! I’d be scared of dropping one, or all, as they wriggled around! Your smile and laughter is infectious… lovely to see such pure joy and happiness! πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

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  4. The good news is that holding eight bunnies made you laugh, and god knows laughing is soooo good for us now. Fortunately, lately I was holding just one squirmy puppy, and that made me laugh and giggle and really felt good. The most of anything I’ve held in my arms is probably books, but they’re inanimate (until you open them up and read), so I guess that doesn’t count.

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  5. Sooo cute! You are adorable with all those bunnies. Now, imagine, if you will, they are kittens. Fuzzy kittens. And you’re sitting on the ground. And people just keep dropping fuzzy kittens onto you (never mind their needle-sharp claws). What fun!

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  6. Hehe! This is fabulous, Betsy! Juggling bunnies is now definitely on my list, it looks like lots of fun!πŸ˜„ Does unexpectedly having to holding a dove in my hands? One crashed on my balcony the other day and I took it to the vet – it was a bit tricky to get hold of it.πŸ˜‚

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