“Take turns fighting with your brother.”


Yet another thing I didn’t expect I’d find myself saying to my kids. (Along with “Is anyone missing their snake head.”)


While school was still in session, my daughters were having a hard time getting work done because their brother kept wanting to pool noodle light saber fight them. They tried to decline his invitation due to prior responsibilities, but he was having none of that schooling nonsense.

That’s how I wound up ordering them to take turns fighting with him. Otherwise, this is how they have to attempt to work.


He’s just buttering her up before going into attack mode. She won’t see it coming that way.

Who or what keeps you from being productive these days?

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  1. Soooooo funny! I imagine what it would sound like to someone listening in without context!!!!

    Life in this new world is so challenging – not without its perks but certainly it compels us to think through how we want to live our lives. We were chatting over tea yesterday about attending Mass. We haven’t physically been to church for almost 5 months now, and it doesn’t like we will for a long time yet. So, how do we continue to connect with our community remotely? is the challenge at hand. It is good to have these things to ponder.

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    • We went back to our church for the first time in months last Saturday night. It was … not fun… We had to wait outside on X’s, then brought in a few at a time, pausing to get hand sanitizer squirted onto our hands. Then we were told where we had to sit, and we had to wear masks the whole time. I mean, I shouldn’t complain because we got to receive the Eucharist, but the kids did not at all enjoy this new procedure. The whole atmosphere was a little frightful. :/ But again, Mass is Mass. I shouldn’t complain! I hope you’re able to get back there sooner than expected!


  2. Ha! I love it:) These days, it’s definitely the cat. He loves to get on my son’s bed and look out the window, but the other day, we were washing the sheets, so my son didn’t want the cat on the bed. He locked the cat out of his room and the cat screamed and screamed and screamed all day long–until those sheets were back on the bed and the cat could sit on them. Our cat is extremely, extremely spoiled–and needy.

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  3. Ha, this is great! Taking turns (in fighting and play), an important and versatile skill to have.

    I greatly enjoyed your book, btw – laughed my way through it. It also had me reminiscing about the younger years of my boys’ childhood.

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    • I’m not entirely sure when “taking turns fighting” will be an important life skill, unless he becomes a tag team wrestler. πŸ˜‰

      I’m so glad you enjoyed my book! If you felt up to (trying) to leave a review on Amazon, I’d be most grateful. I say trying because another blogger tried and failed to pass muster with the Amazon review police. (Yet two other bloggers were successful. So… ?) Anyway, I would be grateful if you tried! πŸ™‚


      • Taking turns fighting could have potential for morphing into more of an intellectual wrestling such as a debate team. Trying to think outside the box here.
        Hum, I’ve never left a review on Amazon before, but I will look into it.

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  4. I don’t think it’s possible to be cuter than that young man. That smile! I imagine it’s not easy being stern with him.

    I can’t remember if you home-school or not. If not, I imagine the last few months have been challenging, having to suddenly *become* a home-schooling parent. I feel for those of you with younger kids in these difficult times.

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  5. First thing that went through my mind when I saw the top pic: OMG! So adorable!

    The girls will either fondly remember being forced to pool noodle light saber fight with their brother, or they will make sure there is an ample supply of pool noodles available at his graduation (or wedding, whichever). Heh. That actually sounds like fun πŸ™‚

    Stay cool! It’s effing tropical hot and humid here this week — ugh.

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    • Admittedly, that is a super cute photo of Joe. I’m amazed it came out so well. Usually when I ask him to smile, his face scrunches into a grimace because he doesn’t know how to smile on command.

      The pool noodle wedding idea is fabulous! Especially if he becomes a massive Star Wars fan. The whole wedding could have a theme… I’m already started to plan…

      Sorry about your heat. Ah, MN.

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