I didn’t spill o.j. in Japan.


“Oops!” my nine-year-old said as she opened the orange juice.

“Did you spill it everywhere?” I asked.

“Not everywhere,” she said. “I didn’t spill it in Japan.”

Can’t argue with that logic.

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. (I’m just going to pretend you’ve noticed and have been concerned.) Now I seriously want that delicious looking glass of o.j. With a little something extra in it. Triple sec? Amaretto?

What’s your drink of choice?

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  1. My drink of choice depends on my mood and the time of day. I won’t turn down a Bloody Mary, tequila soda, glass of wine, Old Fashioned, or sour beer ever.

    Using your daughter’s logic, I did not spill coffee in China, milk in Afghanistan, or Kombucha in Croatia. So, ha! Take that!!

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    • You’ve outdone a 9-y-o. Proud of yourself, Mark? Our local Wild Barrel has reopened and specializes in sour beers. I’m so eager to get there again.

      Currently listening to State of Love and Trust from MTV Unplugged. Oh, how enamored young Betsy was with Ed Ved back then. Today is the last day to enter the sweeps for the PJ B-day Package! But, if you’re only hearing about this for the first time from me, you must take me with you if you win. Sorry, Tara. Them’s the rules. https://www.fanatics.com/p-3902672 You can get one entry for free. (scroll down, on the right.)

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  2. Well I’m glad to hear that Japan avoided that sticky situation! Too funny!

    My drink of choice is situational and time dependent with coffee coming in at number one in the morning, New Age on ice with a splash of lime juice on a lazy, summer afternoon, and a nice IPA or porter in the evening.

    Nice to see you blogging. I blog more in my head that I actually do, but some of them make it out and onto the screen. Amazon delivered your book awhile ago and it is in my summer reading pile. πŸ™‚ Hooray!

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    • Your lazy summer afternoon sounds ideal.

      Blogging more in your head!–Ha. Guilty of that, too. But how dare we deprive the world of our brilliant inner thoughts?!

      Hooray to my book arriving! Should be good for at least two laughs. πŸ˜‰


  3. Yes, I did notice (I checked your page several times :)) But just figured life happened and you got caught up somewhere else.

    Oooh, haven’t had OJ in a while – now you’ve got me thinking (read: fixated). Another run to the grocery store????

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  4. Brilliant answer from your daughter! You do realize if she and Joe team up you are going to have quite the sideshow on your hands (then again, they might get great tips πŸ˜€ ) And mimosas are always refreshing in the summer, although I’d rather use cranberry juice than orange juice, with a tasty sparkling white πŸ™‚

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    • Oh, man, Julie. I used to do the oj/cran combo all the time. I’d forgotten about that! Seems weird to me that they sell cran/grape and other cran combos, as well as oj with different fruits, but why do they not team those two up? The world is a crazy, crazy place, I tell ya.

      If my children become the greatest show on earth (because it will be a circus, no doubt), I hope they’ll put me up in the GOOD retirement home. πŸ˜‰

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