“Is anyone missing their snake head?”


That’s No. 1 on the list of Things I Never Thought I’d Say to My Kids.

But that’s what happens when you return to your writing desk and find this:


It’s one of those jointed plastic snakes that wriggle and turn. The kind of cheap prize you get at kid’s carnival games (which is where I’m pretty sure this came from).

At any rate, one of my daughters called from the other room to announce that she’d found the rest of the snake’s body. Out of context, this would be very peculiar unless we lived in, I don’t know, the Louisiana bayou?

What animals, if any, have you encountered this week, plastic or otherwise?

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  1. Here in my house we mostly have cats. In the backyard we get birds, squirrels, lizards, opossums, raccoons, and the occasional skunk. Snakes seem to avoid my house. Rarely do missing heads, or other body parts end up on my desk. When they do, I just blame the cats.

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  2. Only my husband. That phrase works well, like in motels when they ask, “Any pets?” Being cooped up brings out the beast in all of us. My husband is binge-watching movies. I’m bingeing on sugar.

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  3. I hear more interesting ones than I see. There’s a bird outside that sounds like a squeaky squeeze toy — the kind that makes a very breathy whistle both inhaling and exhaling. More often I hear the ones who say either, “We need you, we need you,” or, “Germany, Germany, Germany.” I heard the coyotes again one nice night last week. The frogs peep a lot.

    Other people are seeing the herons and bears. This is the time of year I expect turtle traffic.

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  4. 1. One calico cat (ours)
    2. A second calico cat (our neighbor’s)
    3. Tropical fish (9 tiger barbs, 3 giant danios, 1 bala shark, 1 algae eater)
    4. A bunch of yellow birds around our birdfeeder
    5. A red squirrel trying to steal the black oil sunflower seeds from the birdfeeder
    6. Several fat earthworms while digging in the garden
    7. A chicken (whole, previously frozen, cooked for dinner last night)
    8. A rubber duck on my desk dressed in Sturgis motorcycle gear with “Does it look like I give a quack?” written on it

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  5. I so enjoy your sense of humor. I love it when I say some sentence that is absurd but really is meaningful. As for seeing animals around here… I saw a deer saunter through our front yard the other afternoon. He was not made of plastic. Thanks for the laugh.

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  6. The Gnome King and I came across a coyote poop this past weekend. We did not investigate too carefully, but it created some coyote-anxiety that we needed to process. We also saw a real snake that I tried to catch, but it was way too fast! It wasn’t pink. šŸ˜€

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      • Yep, they’ll do that. Also, fun fact, when rat snakes pee on you, it’s not just pee, it’s actually a substance called “snake musk” that smells like burning tires and is very hard to get the smell of out of clothes.

        Trust me, I learned that the hard way, and honestly I’m still kinda mad. That shirt was comfortable, dammit!

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      • Pretty sure he’s got more than one reason for that. I’ve still got a little scar on my finger from where that rat snake bit real’ hard. Also, the school secretary still hasn’t forgiven me for bringing 3 feet of live snake into a high school, not least because she fainted when she saw it. Yeah, it’s safe to say that was a very unusual day for all parties involved.

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  7. For living ‘in town’ we have quite the animal population in our back yard. Probably because of our proximity to a creek that runs behind us. Last week…..a crane! Deer, birds, rabbits, squirrels.

    AND! guess what arrived? It was on my amazon list FOREGVER ! SOMEBODY’S book! šŸ™‚ I will be reading it today. I’m very excited!!!

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  8. You remind me, Betsy, how stepping on small lego pieces can be very painful. We do have grandchildren and chaos when they used to come over before our social distancing. They are into Polly Pockets. Lots of tiny parts. I miss the chaos. Hope you are well.

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  9. Haha! I’m glad it was plastic! Your post caught my eye. A neighbor spotted what he thinks was a copperhead snake on our walking trail this week. I have to say I saw a picture that was posted and it doesn’t look exactly what I found on the internet, but still, when I was out today I was looking!

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  10. At least you didn’t step on the head with bare feet. Of course, it wouldn’t be as bad as stepping on Legos with bare feet. We sometimes find tufts of rabbit fur around, whether courtesy of hawks or the dogs, who knows. Fun fact: there is a bird called a gray catbird that sounds like–you guessed it–a cat meowing. Seriously. Not nearly as nice as a real cat, though šŸ˜€

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