If you give a kid some sunshine


The neighborhood cat will take notice.


Note cat paw in upper right corner.

If the neighborhood cat takes notice, he’ll want to become your cat.


If the cat wants to become your cat, your kids will gladly accept.


If you continue to leave your door open, a bird will fly inside.


If a bird flies inside, it will circle your living room, make your children shriek, perch on your curtain rod, and poop on your carpet before flying back out. [No photo of poop available. You’re welcome.] (This happened in December, hence the Christmas lights and tinsel.)

Any strange wildlife ever come into your house? If I’ve been to your house, please don’t answer that.

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  1. It’s nice to have a kid in the sun, but if you expect them to grow, you’ll need to plant their feet in the dirt and keep them well watered – a little fertilizer wouldn’t go amiss either.

    our cats like to bring in birds (alive and dead) and just last fall a lizard made an appearance in our kitchen and much fun was had by all …

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  2. Hilarious, but oh so believable. We had a neighbor’s dog walk into our house when a door was open. He walked right by us as we were moving outdoor furniture inside and went straight to our kitchen where he sat staring at the place on the floor where he thought his food bowl should be. Poor guy, so confused.

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  3. Every spring and autumn, starlings find their way into my attic. My cat knows it immediately and begs to be let up the stairs. A couple of times I didn’t realize the cause of his zeal until it was too late. Then a raucous flapping and running and leaping took place until I could get my cat out of the attic and the bird calmed down long enough to find the window I opened for it. We’ve already had one of these “visitors” last week.

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  4. I think the cat and your daughter are firm friends … she knows how to find her sun comfort spot as well! Oh, the joys of birds inside the house!☹️ We had a couple inside during the holidays, one managing to navigate into nearly every room before enclosing it in the living room with all the windows open – yep, it got very cold! Happy Weekend, Betsy! πŸ˜€πŸŒΊ

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  5. LOL! Well, you have to admit you kinda asked for it. I mean, leaving your door open. Really. At least it was only one bird. Hey, if you have a cat and a bird in the house, won’t the cat chase the bird out? Great pics! Didn’t know you had solar-powered kids πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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