Pardon, puppy?


Alphabet puppy looking so sweet and innocent.

Joe has a dog toy with alphabet buttons along its back. When you hit one of the letters, it says the letter name and gives an example of a word beginning with that letter.

For instance, if you hit the D you’d hear, “D, dog.”

If you hit two letters rapidly, you get odd results.

For instance, Joe hit the B followed by the I. The B didn’t finish before the I jumped in. Therefore, this educational toy taught my son:

“B, itch.”

#toyfail, #betternotbetalkingaboutyourmomma!

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  1. I sometimes wonder if toy manufacturers have a wicked sense of humor and try to push the envelope in subtle ways, kind of like how Disney animators hide subliminal messages in some of their cartoons. Because why would you program the letter I to say “itch” when there are much more obvious choices for kids. Ice cream, anybody? Insect? Iguana?

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  2. Oh my. Reminds me of the possessed mickey phone we had when the girls were young. Educational my rump. Made me sit straight up out of bed on more than one occasion wondering if it was a portal to the depths of hell in the early morning hours. Way to freak a new mamma out. Lol!

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