Losing your pet spider


“I forgot to tell you,” my husband says, “When I was in my office today, I saw something out of the corner of my eye. I looked over and there was a spider on my shoulder.”

My eyes widen in horror.

“It was just a little one.”

My eyes relax a smidge.

“My first thought was to brush it off, but then I remembered this is October. I’ll just walk around and introduce it to people as my pet.”


“Hewoo. Will you be my fwend?” [Image by Clker-Free-Vector-Images from Pixabay]

“But then I forgot.”

Me: “You forgot?”

“Yeah. I must’ve gotten distracted. I forgot all about it.”

“So what happened to the spider?!”

“I have no idea.”

Readers, who FORGETS about a SPIDER on his SHOULDER?!

He tells me this while we’re sitting at home. I can only hope that this new little friend jumped ship in the parking lot on the way to Husband’s car and not IN the car. Or worse, once he got home. Or when he took his shirt off in our BEDROOM and put it away in the closet which is next to MY SIDE of the bed.


In other news, on Sunday I went to the library for a quiet place to write since there are small people living in my home. Only problem with the library is the AC is fierce. Even though I dressed warmly, I still had to move to a bench outside to warm up. Apparently the cold had seeped into my bones because I felt the need to lean against the side of the building in a patch of sunlightΒ a few feet away.

Then along came three teenage boys.

The one walking behind the other two slowed down and said, “Hey, guys, there’s a computer sitting right here. Guys, look, a computer.”

At which point I lifted my head from the apparent invisibility cloak that is the curtain of my hair and said, “It’s mine.”

“Oh, my bad.” He smiled, embarrassed, having not seen me three feet away, hiding in direct sunlight. “Sorry.” He hurried to catch up with his friends who laughed at him.

The little twerp.

I may need to find a new place to write. Some place quiet AND warm. Anyone have any ideas?

I considered sitting on the ground in the sunlight, but it looked dirty and webby. I didn’t want a spider crawling up on my shoulder. No matter what month this is.

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  1. “Readers, who FORGETS about a SPIDER on his SHOULDER?!” He was going to walk around and introduce it to people πŸ™‚ That is pretty funny! No, I would not forget about a spider on my shoulder πŸ™‚

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  2. Spiders make me anxious. I’d be worried about any man who wanted to turn one into a pet. Just saying

    Also, glad the little twerp didn’t steal your computer. Can’t you sit in a coffee shop and write there?

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  3. I thought a spider was going to land on your shoulder as you were leaned up against the tree. That would have been the least of your problems, though, if those boys had stolen your computer. I once had a friend in graduate school who would lock herself in the bathroom to study because her kids would not leave her alone. I would think you would still be able to hear them, though. Good luck on your new hiding/writing place:)

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    • Thanks. I had considered the bathroom, but even my two-year-old, with persistence, can open the LOCKED bathroom door! I may sit in my car in the driveway, until the kids come outside to play. Then I could go inside, but, football season. I’ll keep searching. πŸ™‚

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  4. Sorry, I’m okay with spiders as long as they stay where they belong–not on me! And you know he did that because spiders bug you, right? I mean, I’m guessing he knows how you feel about spiders. And those people that have pet spiders, aka tarantulas? Yeah, no. Not ever. Nope. Too big, too hairy, and seriously, letting a spider with fangs you can measure with a ruler walk on you? Nope.

    Hmm, writing places. Quiet and warm? Hmm. Know anyone with a camper? I usually go to the library, but the ones I go to don’t have the a/c turned to “winter”. Of course, we get our own winter here, so they don’t have to recreate it indoors. How about a neighbor who has cats but no kids? Maybe if you bring some Chex Mix as a bribe they might let you hang out for a while. With a ‘no talking’ rule, of course. Oh, if there is a university close, maybe their library wouldn’t be so cold.

    Or that dream cabin in the woods with internet, chocolate, wine, and cats πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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    • Yeah, I don’t get tarantula owners either. Paul assures me the spider was tiny. I guess that’s meant to make me feel better.

      I may just have to sit in my toasty warm car, but that cabin is CALLING me! Internet, chocolate, wine, cats, and JULIE!

      My local store with CM Guy now only carries the traditional and bold flavors. When I saw that, I thought, Julie would be happy. CMG had to special order for me again.

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  5. Inviting a spider onto my shoulder and then losing it looks like something I’d do. In most circumstances I like spiders in the house, and think of them as friends if not exactly pets. Friends because they eat the bugs I don’t consider friends. Not pets, but I do try playing with them occasionally; they don’t cooperate, though.


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  8. That is too funny! Occasionally, I leave a spider in a corner because I see it’s catching other poor bugs. A symbiotic relationship is born and I tell them, The instant you leave this corner, you’re going outside”. I wonder if they can hear. I wonder, “Do you feel the vibrations coming out of my mouth?”

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