The story of the Chex Mix guy


Chex Mix is delish. I especially like the cheddar flavor. And let’s not forget Turtle Chex with its chocolately goodness. So when the CM, as the cool kids call it*, goes on sale, I pounce.


[*No one calls it this. Definitely NOT cool kids anyway.]

The grocery store advertised Chex Mix for $1.99 for the Family Size bags. I was all over that. But the only bags on the shelf were of the smaller size, NOT on sale, for something absurd like $3.99.

Umm, no.

However, there was no Family Size to be found. A worker looked everywhere and confirmed this.

I said, “So I’m not crazy.”

He said, “Well, we’ve established that you’re right about the Chex Mix, but that doesn’t prove you aren’t crazy.”

I was rather shocked, first of all by his wit, which made me LOL, and secondly that a comment like that was “allowed.” Doesn’t it fly in the face of “the customer is always right” mentality? I didn’t mind of course, as I love a good laugh.

His solution to my dilemma was to sell me two of the smaller 8 oz. bags at the cost of the as-advertised-but-nowhere-in-sight 15 oz. bags.

I grabbed 12.

At check-out, he had to do some fancy finger work across his register screen to make the system do what he wanted it to do. It was taking a while. I felt somewhat bad, so I said, “Thank you for this.”

Without looking up or pausing to blink, he said, “We’ve already established you’re crazy, so it’s best to keep you happy.”

I cut my outburst of laughter short and said, “Laughing like that isn’t helping my cause.”

He may have smirked.

When I returned home with my bounty, my daughter declared, “I’ve never loved you more.”

I know the stuff is good, but *I’m* the crazy one?

Although many people say she takes after me. I guess insanity is hereditary.

What do you think? Was this guy funny? Rude? A rule-breaker? Is Chex Mix worth this abuse? Am I crazy? Is my daughter? Be careful how you answer. No badmouthing the CM.


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  1. I have never loved you more…. if you would only share with ME! But, to my dismay I did not know that Turtle Chex with its chocolately goodness even existed. Maybe in my area it does not. (crap) You have my mailing address if you would like to surprise me with a bag of chocolately goodness! Love you!


  2. Oh, by the way….I think that guy was hilarious! I would rather have a store worker sling zingers at me like this, than a young store worker who is snotty towards me because I asked them a question. Rock On hilarious store guy!


  3. Well, in my customer service training, I taught that it was best to defuse the crazy ones by giving them what they wanted and usher them out the door. So he would have passed my course.

    But rather than focus on you’re mental state, I’d rather focus the love you just brought home for your daughter – wonderful gift.


  4. I’m wondering which daughter made the comment. And, since insanity is hereditary, am I related? Is it okay to say I prefer oatmeal, or is that crazy?


    • Okay, so CLEARLY I was wrong! The cool kids DO call it CM! This is like when I got people to use BB for blog buddy. I’m starting a revolution, baby!
      It actually was my 13 year-old who said this. If that doesn’t sound like a teen, it may be further proof that she’s a bit crazy.
      Like her mom.

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  5. I’m usually the wise guy. I don’t know if this hurts me significantly in my teaching or coaching “career”, in that it can take just one complainer…. Heck, I’m not even sure about some of my comments here! My friend Alley would probably say my edgy attitude evidences my being on the “spectrum”.

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  6. Ha, ha I would welcome his comment that is if you are in good spirits at the time. It would make me laugh for sure. As for your daughter’s comment, that is always heartwarming to be loved by your child so much even if props help the remark…enjoy!

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  7. No, he is great. I need him over here at my store where everyone looks like they hate their job! BTW, I too used to stock up on Chex cereal so I could make all versions of Chex Mix. I still had about ten boxes when the kids grew out of it. Sigh.

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