And she’s back!


Did you miss me? Don’t answer that.

Did you notice I was gone?

Don’t answer that, either.

Remember months ago when I said I needed to take a blog break to work on my book? That didn’t really end up happening. I just couldn’t stay away. August 31 was my deadline, however, so I used this last month to really knuckle down. And it’s done! Hooray!

There are few things more stressful than hitting the send button when turning in a manuscript.

I’m excited about this book. It was originally “If You Keep Perfectly Still, Maybe They Won’t See You,” eliciting the image of being stalked by a T-Rex. The first Jurassic Park film taught us Tyranosaurs have poor eyesight, but see movement. It was an instructional film. The publisher felt that title was too long, however. Now we have: Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying.

I guess that works, too, even if it contains no practical wisdom for T-Rex attacks.At first I was saving email notifications of new blog posts, thinking I would “catch up.” But when it topped 80 unread messages, I knew I was kidding myself. Believe me when I say it was painful and guilt-inducing to hit the delete button.

I never told you it was the great Julie Holmes whom I got to meet while in Minnesota. She is one of my fave Blog Buddies, so it was a THRILL to meet her in person. As soon as she drove away, I thought, “Oooh, shoulda gotten a picture together.” Later she told me she had the same thought. :/ You’ll just have to take my word for it. Really, she’s not just an imaginary friend, honest, Mom! (Check out her blog for proof.)

I do, however, have pictures of two of the three bodaciously furry cats at the house where we stayed. The third cat was much too shy.


Here’s Sylvester.


And this is Jenga, an exceptionally friendly and furry friend!


Perhaps more aptly named Garfield.

Until my next post! Looking forward to “seeing” you all again!

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  1. Congrats on the book! I hope you had a fabulous proofreader. I know from experience, funny book, spitting coffee while writing funny, you can miss a comma or two. Hey, welcome back ! Been too long: has the little guy graduated from high school?

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  2. Wow! Talk about big fluffy kitties! I’m sure you stocked up on kitty petting, and kitty cuddling, and kitty shedding hair while you were here. πŸ˜€ And I see Joe in the picture being tempted to grab a kitty tail.

    Had to chuckle at the mention. You really need to come back to MN so we can get that picture. I enjoyed our visit. Would love to do it again sometime! *waves* Hi Betsy’s mom! Yes, I’m real πŸ™‚ Not as funny as Betsy, though. πŸ˜€

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    • If you think I’m bad about lovin’ on kittie fur, my sister would talk about wanting to skin a cat so she could have its fur present always. She may have mentioned making a pillow out of it. Sounds gross but has some merit! πŸ˜‰
      We will definitely get together again next time I’m in MN. In the meantime, maybe you should use my photo above and do a truly terrible awful and obvious photoshop job. What do you think? πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

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  3. Mazel, I’m not surprised you were able to get it done. Whew…now on to bigger and better…like too many hours on social media arguing with strangers about the end of life as we know it.

    I don’t know what your editor is talking about. I’d totally buy a parenting book entitled, “If You Keep Perfectly Still, Maybe They Won’t See You.” Of course, I’m the master of pithy titles that don’t bring me traffic, so what do I know?

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  4. Congrats on the book! And don’t fret about deleting those notifications – I actually think it’s healthy to NOT try to catch up on blogs. We all need to attend to other parts of our lives without feeling guilty about blogging! Lol. And I’m jealous that you got to hang out with Julie. Someday I will meet a blogger in real life too! Happy September.

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