The hidden glamorous side of motherhood


My friend with three sons posted this on facebook:

Life as the Activities Director at Camp Mommy is seldom dull. Overheard this morning:

Boy 1 – “What should we do?”

Boy 2- “Let’s all get in the closet and fart. Last one standing wins.”

I’m glad I have three girls. Although, today the youngest said,

“I’m the queen of the pee pee.”

“Uhm, what?”

“P. P.–popcorn provider.”

She was distributing popcorn to her siblings. Shame on me for not figuring that out.


This picture of cygnets (baby swans. You’re welcome.) came up when I did a pixabay search for silly kids. I don’t get the connection, but I thought, “Yep, that’ll work.” They’re just too durn cute!

Next week we’re traveling for a family reunion, and I’ll get to meet one of my blog buddies IN PERSON! I’m so excited!

I hope this won’t be the last time I get to meet up with a BB. (Blog Buddy. Keep up.) Have any of you had the pleasure? Would you want to?

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  2. I’ve never meet a BB in real life. Still not sure they are real – they might just be computer constructs that will vanish if I try to see them in real life. Either that or the aliens who control my mind will shut me off and reboot my memories.

    Still it would be nice to see a real BB.

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  3. Back in 2005 I joined canoga. I am still in contact with one of those bloggers even though Santa has since gone bye bye. Met 5 BB. One has since died but keep in contact with her husband. And one is still my very best friend.

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  4. You’re getting to meet a blogging buddy?! Guess what–so am I! I can’t wait! I’m sure she’ll be just as funny in real life as she is online 😀 I’ve only (going to) meet one BB, but I think it’d be fun to meet all of them. 😀

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  5. Closet farts…..not something we ever thought of. Thankfully!

    I have met numerous bloggers. One time my husband volunteered to get bumped on a plane and they gave him a $400 voucher. We used it to fly to Florida to have lunch with a blogger! It was wonderful. I have met up with many bloggers, 7 I think….. Two of them in Ireland!!!!!! 😀

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  6. You’re going to meet a BB?Great!.I’ve never met any. It sure would be fun, I think. The 21st century equivalent to meeting penfriends. Those I’ve met, 4 of them and all good friends, though we don’t write to each other often.
    Wish you a happy time with your friend.


  7. Very funny indeed (I have two boys, I don’t know anything about what they did in the closet when they were children). I met a couple of food bloggers I like a lot and we are friends now. I’m writing from Italy

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  8. I had a daughter, Betsy, and she was such an easy child until the teens. (Start saving up your sense of humor now). My grandson is aptly named Tornado Boy, and he would totally be into farting in the closet. Lol. And the cygnets are so darn cute – until they grow up and bite. Stick with your batch of offspring and enjoy, because you have a long way to go…. 😀

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