Buried by animals


Joseph’s sisters were having fun with him and their stuffed animals.


He doesn’t seem to mind.


Getting a little higher…



And finally…


The girls have way too many stuffed animals. I wonder if Joe will have a hefty collection too. As a girl, whenever I got a new one, I had to formally introduce it to all the existing ones. The two younger girls have many of theirs related: moms, aunts, nieces, nephews, regardless of species! (Who’s their science teacher?!)

Did you have tons of stuffed animals growing up? A beloved precious few? Or some other toy collection?

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  1. My sister and I named our room ‘Animal Land’ because it was just full of stuffed animals that all had names, and birthdays. I even tried to create a language aha. The king was a Dalmatian called Spot who was married to a Cat called Sassy. They had many babies that were all dogs… erm… LOL!

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    • Good for you, Allison. I may keep that in mind. I wonder what ever happened to all my childhood stuffed animals? I still have a select few, but maybe the rest were given to Goodwill or something. I dare not think my parents threw them out!

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  2. Because of allergies, and constant moving we only had a few beloved stuffed animals. However, to this day I still sleep with my first, my Boon. Its silly, and he is falling apart. His nose is barely hanging on, and the seem on his back has been sewn so many times the fabric is disintegrating. But he is my boon. When my girls are especially upset they ask for my Booon because he knows how to love big. Even at 9 and 10 years old they see how much he and I have been through.

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  3. Sweet photos. I liked stuffed animals as a child but wasn’t so keen about dolls… with those creepy frozen faces. However, any old stuffed animal could be my friend. I liked snuggly, not smug.

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    • Right there with you. I remember some relative sent our family a doll, and, as the youngest, it was assumed it was for me. I didn’t want it, but it was forced upon me. It ended up collecting dust somewhere on top of a dresser.

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  4. Wonderful, wonderful photographs. He is cute and his sisters are creative an lively. I don’t remember having any stuffed animals, but for as long as I remember I had a collection of books on the bookshelf designated for me in our big bookcase; and I still have far too many books!

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    • Oh, that just depressed me so much thinking that one day they’ll no longer be interested in their animals. I mean, I know it HAS to happen eventually, but how sad! I guess it’s a good thing I have my new baby minion to keep the love alive a little longer.

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