American Ninja


Some people who find this post through a search will be disappointed.

Or will they?

My middle daughter is fond of dressing all in black and saying she’s a ninja. Sometimes she plays the game “bad ninja” where she purposely and noisily bumps into things and people.

Today she put a second layer of clothes over her black clothes. When I asked why, she, of course, said, “I’m in disguise.”

Here are some pictures of my ninja.


Standing next to the fridge.


Crouched behind a potted plant.


Holding her baby brother.


Lying in a field of plants.


And standing against a brick wall. This one was particularly tricky since she was wearing black, but she knows how to stick to the shadows.

As you can tell, her yoga lessons have been paying off. Being able to bend her body to blend in has been invaluable.

Which of these was your favorite ninja pose?

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  1. no ninja is going to hold their baby brother. Attack, maybe. Hold? How can you use your throwing stars or swing your sword if you’re holding a baby? Standing by the white wall I’ll buy, but baby brother? I don’t know about that …

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  2. The one holding her brother. She doesn’t have to try to hard to blend in because your eyes are drawn to the cute baby. It is hard to look away….was there more to the post after that?


    • Um….where was the lamp post? Oh, do you mean she was disguised as a lamp post and then hid herself so we couldn’t see the lamp post? That would be clever.


  3. The baby one of course, he looks sooo big, soon he will be too heavy for her to hold. But then again I’m sure she would be able to pull off her ninja skills while pushing a stroller.


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