The fine art of decision-making


HPIM1128  I asked the girls if someone could grab socks for Joe. Two of them yelled, “I will,” and ran off. They returned with these.

“You couldn’t agree on which socks he should wear, huh?”“No,” my seven-year-old said. “We agreed that he should wear two different socks.”

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  1. LOL! He looks like he’s thinking: Really, Mom? Do you see what they did to me?

    That’s the style now, you know, or at least that’s what it seems. I can’t tell you how many times my daughter shows up with two different socks on. When I ask why, she’s all like, what’s wrong with two different socks? In any case, still too cute!

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  2. So at least they agreed on something…that’s always nice. One of them will come off soon anyway. I can’t remember last time my baby has both socks on for longer than 7,3 seconds. (But who is counting).

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